If you tie clear information, compelling outcome and low barriers to adoption, you can drive behavior in your organization. That’s what Looker is helping us do at Hubspot.

Kevin Clough

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Exposing data to change behavior

Hubspot knew that to be a data-driven organization their entire staff needed to be able to access data. Before Looker, this meant a long line of people asking questions to a few extremely overworked analysts trying to provide answers.

Today, Looker gives everyone at Hubspot the power to follow a hunch and dive deep into data, with the confidence that their findings are supported by facts. By bringing data into every action, Hubspot is ensuring that every decision is a step forward, and that their teams have the right tool to get the answers they need to stay ahead.

  • Account teams use Looker to easily research and pull data for clients
  • Custom dashboards help managers stay informed and prep for meetings
  • Analysts can spend time on high-value projects, rather than pulling reports
  • Self-serve access puts an end to waiting for analyst reports

Looker for saas

In the ultra-competitive SaaS market, even the smallest decision can mean the difference between success or failure. Looker makes it easy to introduce data into every decision, from marketing spend and customer retention to identifying which product features inspire massive growth.

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