Provide safe and secure data access to your organization

Fully HIPAA compliant, Looker powers the healthcare innovators by bringing data into every conversation. With Looker as a single source of truth - everyone in your organization can ask and answer their own questions and find new ways to innovate. Better serve your customers by giving your team data they can trust.

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Data: The Life Blood of Better Care

Counsyl is a health technology company with a vision. Through DNA screening, they focus on diseases where advanced knowledge makes a difference in health outcomes. Collecting, accessing and utilizing data is critical to their success, and to benefit the people they serve.

Nurturing a Healthy Data Culture

Fully HIPAA compliant, Looker powers Counsyl by bringing data into every conversation and enables employees to dig into the data they need, when they need it.

With Looker as a single source of truth, Counsyl is able to better serve their customers by giving each team access to results they can trust. From Billing to Marketing, Counsyl relies on Looker to provide real-time data access.

Bottom Line

Looker allows Counsyl to make quick, real-time decisions based on changes in data they gather daily.

  • Looker gives each Billing Agent a dashboard to help navigate their work flow
  • Employees know exactly what needs to get done and can prioritize with ease
  • Managers can monitor how different insurance companies are paying out claims
  • Counsyl have seen huge efficiencies in their day-to-day processes
  • Teams now have more time to investigate rejected claims and assist customers

Get Ready to Love Your Analytics

The best way to understand Looker is to experience it in action. Along the way, we’ll answer your questions about what, why, how and what’s next.

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