Looker is a whole company tool. It's not something that just our Marketing or Product team uses. It's the first place that people go if they have a question and need an answer.

Justin Riservato

Director Data Engineering & Data Science

A flair for data

For its ever-growing customer base, Gilt is the daily destination for style discovery and one-of-a-kind experiences. Launching new sales and new brands everyday, they offer a unique combination of fashion, home, lifestyle, and travel opportunities. From the start, the company hoped to avoid data chaos and the numerous bottlenecks commonly associated with the demands of a rapidly growing, complex e-commerce service operation. So, they turned to Looker.

A solution to suit their style

Looker has helped Gilt get at data that was previously hidden, and helped empower their entire staff to incorporate data into their daily workflow. The Looker platform, and its ability to open up data to anybody, allows people to explore and discover. Gilt employees find they can really explore and discover data rather than just read reports.

“Usage has exploded at Gilt in that regard”, says Justin. “When we started, it was very hard to get people to move into a new platform, but as soon as one person in one department started using Looker, everyone else in that group wanted to know how they were getting information so quickly. Suddenly, with Looker, it seems that everyone was part of the data team.”

Outfitting a data culture

Getting set up with Looker was easy. “In setting up Looker we actually built up a set of power users on various teams, so we had a Looker advocate in each department, acting as the person tasked with showing everyone how easy it is to manage and why it’s so great to use.”

Geoff Sanders, VP of Digital Marketing adds, "Using Looker helps us to pull more value from our data. Being data-driven fundamentally allows Gilt to be more relevant to customers. It allows us to do that because we can be more targeted in our marketing programs. In both how we think about design as well as who we extend our designs to."

Gilt maintains their success is built on their ability to constantly fine-tune the style experience. Justin explains, “It's important for Gilt to be able to have data immediately when we make changes to our site or product line. Looker lets us get to that data in real-time and helps us to confidently optimize every aspect of the customer experience.”

  • Gilt uses Looker to access valuable data throughout the organization
  • Seamless integration with existing systems made setup easy
  • Looker dashboards increased productivity in all departments
  • Teams are more data driven and introduce data into workflows
  • Self-serve access put an end to waiting for analyst reports

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