Since we implemented Looker, our business has more than quadrupled. If we didn’t have Looker, it’s very likely we wouldn’t have had a lot of the wins that we had.

Johannes Reck


From skip-the-line tickets to the top of the Eiffel Tower, to a walking tour through the ruins of Rome, more than 15 million individuals use GetYourGuide each month to book incredible travel experiences at over 7,500 destinations worldwide.

Understanding consumer behavior and preferences is critical to GetYourGuide’s success. They tried using an open source Relational Online Analytical Processing (ROLAP) cube to get these get insights, but not only did it require users to have basic database skills, limiting those who could utilize it, it also had trouble scaling as the company grew. Larger data volumes caused a decrease in query performance and an increase in time-outs, resulting in the Data Platform being overburdened with ad-hoc requests.

That’s when GetYourGuide turned to Looker, a modern platform for data that delivers data analytics and business insights to every department at the point of decision. Since implementing Looker, ad-hoc requests to the Data Platform team decreased by 75%, freeing up three to four full-time employees. And, Looker has provided insights into conversion optimization and marketing strategies that have helped GetYourGuide quadruple its business in two years time.

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  • Booking platform for travel experiences used by 15 million individuals each month
  • Understanding consumer behaviors and preferences critical for growth
  • Implemented Looker to democratize real-time data access across the organization
  • Reduced ad-hoc requests to Data Platform team by 75%, freeing up three to four full-time employees
  • Quadrupled its business in two years time due to improved insights into conversion optimization and marketing results

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