Looker gave us more than just data accessibility. It provided automation that has really made a big difference.

Camilo Fitzgerald

Product and Analytics

Futureplay is a fast-growing mobile games studio committed to delivering quality gaming experiences while operating efficiently. Since pioneering view-to-play in 2015, they’ve continued to raise the industry standard for delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

Leveraging Google Cloud BigQuery and Looker, Futureplay has gone beyond dashboards to monitor gaming KPIs, and track marketing performance by building custom data experiences, delivering integrated insights into the tools their team already uses and creating data-driven, automated, workflows with bots, integrations, alerts, and more. By leveraging data, in every aspect of their business, the Futureplay team can save time and money, prioritize urgent tasks, and gain the visibility necessary to make better decisions for their players and budgets.

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  • Centralized data in Google BigQuery provides a single view of the business
  • High-level overviews across all games offer deep dives on specific features
  • Team members acquire Self-service access to trusted data with Looker’s consistent, governed metrics
  • 100% of the company uses Looker, and 95% uses data to make weekly decisions
  • Custom data experiences with bots, integrations, and alerts deliver data to employees and automate decisions
  • Better decision making for players and budgets from time savings, prioritized urgent tasks, and deeper business insights

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Make it easy for everyone in your company to understand exactly what is driving your players to keep coming back. Game developers can see what features are being used, level difficulty, and player lifetime value to enhance their understanding of what players love about their games.

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