With Looker, we're no longer inundating our analysts with ad hoc report requests. Anyone can share reports on the fly.

Haleemur Ali

Business Intelligence Specialist

Putting data discovery on every desktop

Rolling out a new line of high-quality men’s clothing every month requires some serious focus. Frank & Oak found that creating and selling affordable apparel to a specifically targeted young, creative demographic required immediate, real-time access to data.

Looker makes it incredibly easy for everyone at Frank & Oak to access, pull, and visualize data without having to understand SQL or R.

Every department in the company uses Looker to measure and monitor performance, solve problems, and unearth new business opportunities.

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  • Looker provides easy access to reusable queries for daily use
  • Both nontechnical users and analysts have easy access to critical data
  • Custom dashboards help managers stay informed and prep for meetings
  • Teams are more data driven and actively bring data into workflows

Looker for eCommerce

Looker allows Retail and eCommerce companies to provide all users with access to data, enabling anyone to ask and answer their own questions, from a single, central source.

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