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Looker allows Retail and eCommerce companies to provide all users with access to data, enabling anyone to ask and answer their own questions, from a single, central source.

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Firsthand Data Access in the Secondhand Biz

From its start in 2009, Thredup had a vision of becoming the world’s largest online marketplace of secondhand clothing. The company worked hard to transform the way the public thought about secondhand apparel, but as they grew they needed to transform the way they processed their data.

Everyone from the Marketing and Business Operations teams to Warehouse Operations runs on data, and it’s important that everyone gets the full picture. When they discovered Looker, the team thought it sounded like it was what they were looking for to meet all their data needs.

With Looker, Thredup employees are now able to dig into the data they need, when they need it.

Before, Thredup teams had to put in a request to the dev team and wait several days to actually get a response and have access to a query. At that point, the data would sometimes be irrelevant. Now, each team member can simply build the reports they need themselves.

Bottom Line

Looker allows you to keep analyzing, keep digging, and to keep investigating.

  • Thredup employees are encouraged to make data-based decisions
  • Looker gives data access to every member of every team via one platform
  • Each department can slice & dice data as needed, to get the job done

How to Trim a Bottleneck

In early 2014, Dollar Shave Club, the company with the hilarious viral video that catapulted the ambitious startup into the spotlight, was shaking up the industry but missing key opportunities to learn from its data, due to a common bottleneck.

The company was collecting loads of data about email promotions, the impact of changes to the Web site, volume of customer requests for help, and churn. But, using traditional BI tools, it wasn’t able to take advantage of that data.

Most of the products DSC looked at to solve their problem required users to have an ETL solution in place. Then they discovered Looker and decided it sounded like it was the product that would meet all their needs.

Sharpening Their Edge

With Looker, employees across Dollar Shave Club dig into data on their own. The marketing team found a way to optimize their sampling program, achieving 100% ROI on the program; the support team found that shipping errors were hurting customer retention, so they optimized the shipping process and saw better retention overall. With self-service access, teams no longer have to wait for information, and can ask and answer their own questions.

Next Steps

Dollar Shave Club are moving all data about Web traffic into its database and moving to a bigger data warehouse, possibly using AWS Redshift. Moving forward, the company plans to keep making smarter decisions based on data and analytics everyone loves.


"Don’t be limited by your previous experience."

  • Dollar Shave Club was growing rapidly and struggled to collect data
  • Key opportunities were missed due to data bottlenecks
  • Looker gave data access to every member of every team via one platform
  • Each department now runs their own queries with Looker, to improve efficiency

Altering Men’s Fashion with Data

Trumaker introduces a fresh alternative to the way men approach fashion. A men’s clothing brand sold via a distributed model where stylists throughout the nation provide custom wardrobe advice and services to the style-minded.

From the start, multiple departments – from heavy operations to overseas manufacturing facilities – created data chaos and numerous bottlenecks as data analysts struggled to keep up with the demands of a rapidly growing, complex ecommerce service operation.

A Solution That Fits

Hoping to track as much data as possible without creating burdens on the report system, Trumaker turned to Looker. By adding Looker to their existing database, they found they could easily centralize their data and grant access to everyone in the company.

Customer service is critical to Trumaker’s success, and because Looker seamlessly integrates with their existing API, they could easily track shipping speed, accuracy and customer satisfaction. By customizing Looker, they can now quickly correct any problem points as they arise.

Co-founder, Michael Zhang adds, “Our sales organization thrives on its ranking. So, being able to come up with a dedicated Looker “ranked table” and to consume data and feed it in any way we want, really cuts down on workload and adds real value to our data.”

  • Trumaker uses Looker to access data throughout the organization
  • Seamless integration with existing systems made setup and use easy
  • Looker dashboards increased productivity and efficiency in all departments
  • Incorporating data into existing workflows helped build a data culture
  • Self-serve access put an end to waiting for analyst reports

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