Our cyber marketing team uses Looker to do A/B testing of email campaigns in order to increase take rates and reduce churn. Looker helps them to pinpoint this data.

Todd Lehr

Sr. VP Engineering

How to trim a bottleneck

In early 2014, Dollar Shave Club, the company with the hilarious viral video that catapulted the ambitious startup into the spotlight, was shaking up the industry but missing key opportunities to learn from its data, due to a common bottleneck.

The company was collecting loads of data about email promotions, the impact of changes to the Web site, volume of customer requests for help, and churn. But, using traditional BI tools, it wasn’t able to take advantage of that data.

Most of the products DSC looked at to solve their problem required users to have an ETL solution in place. Then they discovered Looker and decided it sounded like it was the product that would meet all their needs.

Sharpening their edge

With Looker, employees across Dollar Shave Club dig into data on their own. The marketing team found a way to optimize their sampling program, achieving 100% ROI on the program; the support team found that shipping errors were hurting customer retention, so they optimized the shipping process and saw better retention overall. With self-service access, teams no longer have to wait for information, and can ask and answer their own questions.

Next steps

Dollar Shave Club are moving all data about Web traffic into its database and moving to a bigger data warehouse, possibly using AWS Redshift. Moving forward, the company plans to keep making smarter decisions based on data and analytics everyone loves.


"Don’t be limited by your previous experience."

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  • Dollar Shave Club was growing rapidly and struggled to collect data
  • Key opportunities were missed due to data bottlenecks
  • Looker gave data access to every member of every team via one platform
  • Each department now runs their own queries with Looker, to improve efficiency

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