"Because our business is not like the next, we needed something for us. Looker’s been able to customize it to fit what our business needs."

Simon Goble

CMO of DogBuddy

DogBuddy Unleashes Their Data

Founded in 2013 in London by CEO Richard Setterwall, this AirBnB-style marketplace puts approximately 600,000 dog owners in touch with more than 30,000 trusted, reliable dog sitters in the U.K, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. Whether an owner is going to be out for an afternoon or traveling for weeks, DogBuddy can fill the gap with everything from dog walking to home dog boarding.

Relief from Disparate Data Sources

Like any online marketplace, DogBuddy generates a torrent of data about the parties on both sides of the transaction—owners and sitters—as well as particulars about the dogs. Add to that the enormous amount of clickstream data coming from the website, the app, and online ad campaigns, and you’ll find a potential business intelligence headache as well as a rich load of potential insights.

Although every area of the company relies on data—including operations, customer service, and product development—the marketing team has the heaviest demand for timely, reliable data as the startup speeds into its next phase of growth.

Simon Goble, DogBuddy’s CMO, illustrates their dilemma: “As soon as you brought your data to the table, there was an argument about whose data was right. It turns out everyone was right, but we were just looking at things in completely different ways.”

After Looker was implemented, the effect on the marketing team was transformative. Now, everyone on the team began enthusiastically using dashboards, asking innovative questions, and drilling down to get the details they need. Plus automated reporting removed latencies from the process, allowing the team to be much more agile.

Making Better Decisions with Data

Because Looker makes it easy to view data from multiple data sources, the marketers can get insights that were previously unavailable to them. Simon explains, “That can be everything from local marketing efforts—breaking things down geographically, looking at postal codes, how certain areas behave differently with localized marketing—all the way to the big, broad digital marketing results.”

Before Looker, the digital marketing team took the brunt of trying to get the data everyone needed to make decisions. Now they’re free to spend more time on strategy. Matt Leaver, Head of Digital Marketing, has been delighted with the change. “Pre-Looker, my job was what I would call wrangling data.” He adds, “Now I get to do the fun part of the job—digging into the analysis, looking at insights and coming up with actions and outcomes.”

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  • Growing online marketplace with many disparate data sources
  • Wanted to relieve analysts from becoming a data bottleneck
  • Needed a single source of truth to stop debates over metrics
  • Chose Looker to scale data use and allow everyone to be more data-driven
  • Today, everything from executive dashboards to local campaign reports lives in Looker
  • Over 25,000 queries are run on Looker each month at DogBuddy

Looker for Marketplaces

Marketplaces face the unique challenge of needing to engage with and support a variety of customers and demographics. Ultimately, everyone reviews the same information, and data is analyzed from the perspective that serves their specific function. Looker makes it easy to dig deeper and do more with your data.