Every single person probably opens Looker at least once a day. This can be all the way from CEO level to someone who has joined the company on their first day.

Krishna Nandakumar

Special Projects Development

Deliveroo speeds hot meals to customers using its environmentally friendly delivery fleet of bicycles and scooters, with orders placed through an online software platform. A hyper-local focus on restaurants available within the customer’s postal code helps minimize delivery time.

Deliveroo’s market win is in creating new revenue streams for restaurants that wouldn’t otherwise offer delivery services, while also expanding home or office dining options for eager customers.

Scaling for rapid growth

At Deliveroo, data isn’t just helpful for running the company; in a sense, it is the company.

Deliveroo sees itself as a technology play and has been funded by leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms. “Data runs through the veins of everything we do here,” explains Will Sprunt, Head of Business Intelligence. “It’s absolutely essential for our growth to understand and have control of the way the business is performing.”

The initial BI tool Deliveroo put in place worked well in the startup phase, but it wasn’t built to scale for rapid expansion. It didn’t have the security, user management, or automation that would help take the company to the next level, and business users couldn’t be agile in decision-making, because they had to wait for the technical staff to write SQL for each report they requested.

Deliveroo decided to look for a new platform that would be both robust and flexible enough to take them into a new phase of growth—both immediately and into the future.

Strong gains with Looker

Looker produced an immediate win for Deliveroo by making it easy for business users across the company to access reliable data. According to Will, “The ethos of the way we operate as a company is that everybody should have access to the data they need.” With self-service dashboards that let them drill down to the details they need with a click, Deliveroo team members have been able to rapidly deepen their insights and drive the next phase of growth.

As business users have been empowered across the company to use data in the way that works best for them, the sophistication of their questions has increased. According to Will, “People come to us with smarter questions. Instead of coming to us with a very simple question of ‘What happened yesterday?’ they’re coming to us with, ‘I saw this happen yesterday. I believe it is in this area. I think that this is the metric we should understand. Can we dig deeper here, here, or here?’ It means we’re leveling up as a business.”

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  • Leading Online delivery platform that runs on data
  • Needed a new solution that would reduce data bottlenecks and scale with their accelerated growth
  • Rely on Looker and Snowflake to provide 1000+ employees with the data they need to make smarter decisions
  • Finding new business opportunities in the data

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Marketplaces face the unique challenge of needing to engage with and support a variety of customers and demographics. Ultimately, everyone reviews the same information, and data is analyzed from the perspective that serves their specific function. Looker makes it easy to dig deeper and do more with your data.

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