"Once folks started coming to meetings with live Looker dashboards, other people wanted in on it as well."

Silvio Galea

VP Engineering

Cigna is a globally recognized health insurance service company, offering health, dental, supplemental insurance and Medicare plans to individuals, families and businesses.

As a decades-old healthcare company that has to comply with complex regulations at scale, Cigna had a unique challenge in modernizing their data stack. Silvio Galea, VP of Engineering, along with his team, were on a mission to help Cigna “humanize” their data lake, while also ensuring that their large sets of data remained secure and had actively governed permissions in place.

With Looker, Cigna is able to give their team access to their whole data lake while also allowing them to scale their data security needs across business units. Users are now able to ask and answer their own questions and incorporate more fresh data into their workflow with confidence making Cigna a more data-driven organization.

  • Optimize every touchpoint with patients, doctors, and insurance companies
  • Provide better service and care by giving your team access to fresh, reliable data
  • Enhance visibility with secure, governed access to data your team needs to get the job done
  • Install on-premise or in-the-cloud to comply with regulations and security standards
  • Ensure consistency and confidence across the organization by providing a single source of truth

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Looker powers healthcare innovators by bringing data into every conversation and can be deployed in a fully HIPAA-compliant environment. Serve your customers better by giving your team data they can trust - with Looker.

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