Looker has been a tremendous success in enabling Casper, and really evolving our data driven culture.

Scott Breitenother

VP of Data and Analytics

A dream of a better night’s sleep

In April 2014, Casper set out to disrupt the stale mattress industry with one product and a mission. “We are a New York based sleep startup,” says Scott Breitenother, VP of Data and Analytics at Casper, “We were founded in April of 2014 with one perfect mattress.”

“We were data-driven from the beginning,” Scott continues. “To find that one perfect mattress, we tested thousands of different combinations of foams and covers. We continue to evolve it using data-driven techniques.”

A new day for data

As the company grew and their product line expanded, Casper realized they needed a tool to take them to the next level.

“Ultimately, we chose Looker because it could enable our whole company with relatively little training, and lets everyone at Casper answer their own questions,” explains Scott. For the data team that meant efficient data modeling. “We go in there once and set a definition, and that means everybody in the company can use it. Looker provides us with an easy-to-manage source of truth.”

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  • Casper uses Looker to access data throughout the organization
  • Seamless integration with existing systems made setup easy
  • Looker dashboards increased productivity and efficiency
  • Incorporating data into existing workflows helped build Casper’s data culture
  • Self-serve access put an end to tedious queues for analyst reports

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