The accessibility of the data in Looker is key. It brings together information that used to live in four to five different tools. In every aspect of the business where it’s being deployed, it’s being driven by those teams rather than a data scientist or development team.

Andrew Bieber

Head of Customer Experience

Car Next Door is making an impact with its unique car-sharing service to help foster a cleaner, greener environment.

For years, Car Next Door relied on a homegrown data analytics solution. Over time, the fast-growing company’s internal development team invested a disproportionate amount of time servicing data requests rather than product development.

By switching to Looker, Car Next Door gained company-wide access to trusted data, along with the power to make better decisions, and the flexibility to deliver custom data experiences that meet all user needs.

Since making data accessible across the organization, the Car Next Door team extracted value from data in many ways from optimized marketing through personalization and automation, to improved customer experience with faster support and efficient product development.

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  • Personalized messaging to customers keeps borrowers safe on the road and ensures they know about new cars available locally
  • Boosted customer experience, including reduced support ticket time resolution by 85%
  • Product development focused on customer features and updates, closing a 10% product usage gap by identifying and listening to customers

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