As we dig further into our data it becomes a little bit art and a little bit science. Our relationship with data has drastically improved since implementing Looker.

Andrew Malzberg

Manager of Insights & Analytics

For Bonobos, a well-executed wardrobe is an exact science. Their customers rely on them to provide the most precise fit and individualized style. Using data to help custom tailor a better user experience has skyrocketed them in the fashion industry.

Custom-tailored analytics

Bonobos uses Looker to get a 360° view of their customers’ needs through data. Custom dashboards and a shared, single source of truth help everyone to dive deep into data to deliver great customer service, anticipate client needs and drive their company.

“It’s incredibly important for us to understand what people are doing within the business.” Says Bonobos’ Chief Experience Office, Dominique Essig. “Which is why I love using Looker to monitor our key business metrics across both device and channel.”

  • Bonobos uses Looker to gain precise insight into trends
  • Seamless integration with existing systems made setup easy
  • Looker dashboards increased productivity in all departments
  • Teams are more data driven for improved user experience
  • Self-serve access put an end to waiting for analyst reports

Looker for eCommerce

Looker allows Retail and eCommerce companies to provide all users with access to data, enabling anyone to ask and answer their own questions, from a single, central source.

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