Evaluate and optimize campaigns in real time and increase ROI for your customers

You record every message, every click, every purchase - but can everyone in your organization use that data? Put data into the hands of your entire organization with the Looker Data Platform. No more waiting, no more limits to what users can ask of your data - let your team do more and drive better ROI for your clients

  • infectious media
  • yieldify

An international programmatic agency, Infectious Media brings data to every team in their company with Looker. Client reporting that used to take days to put together is now built in minutes - and updated in seconds

With this new time the IM team can focus on driving higher ROI for their advertising clients, and finding new ways to target high value segments.

  • More than 80% of employees use Looker
  • Before Looker, teams had to wait for information from the data team
  • Employees now run their own analysis with Looker, putting an end to bottlenecks
  • Automated reporting allows teams to focus on higher value projects and research
  • Easy real-time reporting helps monitor performance and drives enhancements

Looker helps Yieldify grow by democratizing access to every aspect of account performance. Looker provides them with a single source of truth for all company and client reporting, and with data at everyone’s fingertips, the Yieldify team is able to make smarter decisions and find ways to optimize campaigns to increase customer ROI.

  • Account teams can easily pull data for clients
  • Self-service access to data means more people are using data than ever before
  • Analysts are able to spend more time on higher value projects, rather than just pulling regular reports for other teams

Industry Data App: Digital Advertising

With Looker, advertising analysts can rapidly optimize impressions across many different outlets to serve their clients and maximize returns on available ad space for publishers. Pick and choose from three modules to tailor your data platform for your organization’s specific needs.

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