Featured customers

AdoreMe disrupts the lingerie industry.

Airship delivers embedded analytics to customers.

Allbound generates ROI with embedded analytics.

AppsFlyer fosters a data culture & provides marketing attribution you can trust.

Avant leverages a single source of truth across the organization to streamline productivity.

BillTrust helps their customers win with AR automation.

Blue Apron uses data to personalize culinary experiences for customers.

Bonobos leverages custom-tailored analytics.

Braze speeds up time-to-insight.

Car Next Door delivers company-wide data-driven workflows.

Casper finds their dream data platform.

Clario builds software for customer-centric marketing optimization.

NewWave brings power of data to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to support healthcare innovation in...

Commonwealth Care Alliance uses data to monitor, react, and help patients with COVID-19.

Continuum enables self-service analytics.

Counsyl streamlines results and boosts impact with data.

Credit Karma automates internal workflows.

Deliveroo uses data to transport delicious meals faster.

Diamond Resorts modernizes business intelligence to achieve agile analytics.

DigitalOcean uses data to cover more ground.

Digital Virgo democratizes access to data.

Doctor on Demand securely gives access to trustworthy data to make real-time, data-driven decisions.

Duo Security empowers employees and automates processes with data.

eMoney modernizes financial services client experience.

Force Therapeutics improves digital patient care with data.

Frank And Oak relies on insights at the moment of decision.

Futureplay advances to the next level of mobile gaming with data.

GetYourGuide experiences hike in growth with data.

Global Payments builds custom apps with data.

G-Loot leverages data to develop games players love.

Glossier makes data beautiful.

GoCardless accelerates global growth.

Guild Education achieves expected (and unexpected) rewards of building a data culture.

Harver employs data to transform the modern hiring experience.

Healthify takes a data-driven approach to modernize healthcare.

Indiegogo modernizes analytics to reduce manual reporting and discover more with data.

Infectious Media brings data to every team.

Jobvite consolidates data across four organizations and delivers embedded analytics.

Kickstarter kicks up a data-driven culture.

King uses data to make games more fun.

Kiva harnesses the power of data to change lives.

Knewton knows the power of the individual.

Kollective transforms customer value and monetizes analytics with embedded analytics.

Mark43 builds powerful, cloud-first, public safety platform with data.


MLB's fan data team hits it out of the park with data modernization.

Namely powers HR and people operations with embedded analytics.

Nashville Biosciences improves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease with data.

OneFit shares techniques for improving retention, monetizing data, and building a data-driven culture.

Papaya outlines everything you need to know about delivering data to executives.

Pendo optimizes workflows, creates predictive models, and delivers value with data.

Percolate uses data to facilitate better business decisions.

Poshmark identifies trends, shopping preferences, & more with data.

Raisin uses data to sustain and enhance its business.

Ritual makes use of attribution data to develop an understanding of customer acquisition

SalesLoft optimizes processes and expands faster with data.

Simply Business captures awards for innovative uses of data.

SkinVision leverages data to help save lives.

Snagajob gets the job done with data.

SoundCommerce powers retail decisions with real-time data.

Spireon accelerates time-to-market to win in a competitive marketplace.

Stack Overflow improves the data science workflow.

Sunrun powers enterprise digital transformation with data.

SupporTrends saves development resources & delivers value with embedded analytics.

The RealReal created a culture where everyone has access to the data they need and data is the foundation of all...

Thredup drives operational efficiencies and innovations with data.

Transferwise provides companywide access to data and sees immediate rise in productivity.

Trumaker finds the perfect fit.

Twilio leverages a single source of truth across the entire organization.

Uberflip productizes analytics to increase customer value & boost internal efficiency.

Ultra Mobile speeds up time to insight and boosts revenue.

Vivino leverages data to drive growth and the best possible customer experience.

Waterscan leverages the power of data to save water and money for customers.

Yieldify makes smarter decisions through data.

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