Secure. Trustworthy. Scalable.

Go beyond Power BI and empower everyone in your business with a solution that's reliable, reusable, and scalable. Compare Looker to Power BI and see how they stack up.

Beautiful, interactive visualizations

Intuitive analysis with point-and-click user interface

Fully customizable dashboards

Direct connection to your database

Easy sharing from a single tool to make collaboration painless

Looks great on mobile, tablet, or desktop

Integrates with the Microsoft ecosystem, from Excel to Azure

No limits on data volumes

Fully leverages today's most powerful databases

Leaves data in your database -- no need to extract data

Empowers everyone to do their own ad hoc reporting

Drill down to row-level detail instantly

Trustworthy answers from a centralized data platform

Support for all major SSO protocols

Technical support available by chat in seconds

Iterative development with a reusable data model

Full-featured REST API

Built-in version control

Writes performant, readable SQL for you

Freshest-possible data with Smart Caching

Comprehensive usage metrics

Single tenant — other customers don't affect your performance

100% browser-based

Works perfectly on Mac, PC or Linux

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Goodbye stale extracts. Hello Looker.

Leverage the power of your current database

Ensure reliable, fresh data for real-time analytics for all

Keep your data in your database, where it belongs

What our customers say

“I tried to unify everything in our workbook-based visualization tool, but realized that we needed something bigger, something better, something that could scale and grow with Digital Ocean.”

“We have billions upon billions of rows of data about our users, and there was no good way to analyze this. With Looker, we are doing analyses we used to think were impossible.”

“My department has 1000 people, and there’s very few data analysts in this new model for us. The analysts are required for the insights into the data, but for just querying data the people can do it themselves with Looker.”