Analytics that scale with you

Provide everyone, across departments, the power to make more informed data-driven decisions for themselves. Regardless of skill set, Looker has all the functionality of SQL - without the confusion, snippets or headaches.

Connects directly to db

100% Browser-based

Easy Sharing

Visualize Query Results

Create Dashboards

Easy Embedding


Explore by writing raw SQL

Centralized data definitions

Easy data exploration without knowing SQL

Curated field list for users

Non-technical users can generate their own insights

Excel-style calculations for business users

Robust scheduling and alerting

Automatic drill down

Adaptable updating when schemas change

Version control

Customizable user-level access controls

Usage tracking and auditing

Fine-grained control over refresh/caching

Full-featured API

Seamless transitions between database dialects

Your data stays in your database

No price hikes as your data grows

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What our customers say

“My department has 1000 people, and there’s very few data analysts in this new model for us. The analysts are required for the insights into the data, but for just querying data the people can do it themselves with Looker.”

“I love LookML. It’s the single most innovative part of Looker. It makes BI so much more fun — it’s absolutely painless compared to the BI tools I’ve used in the past.”