What makes a Looker?

We like to embrace the things that make people unique: Curiosity, wit, kindness, a strong work ethic and sense of community. And we’re committed to making Looker a place where you will learn, grow and succeed. Come talk with us about whether Looker is the right place for you.

Why I love Looker

Eric Feinstein

Sr. Manager, Professional Services

At Looker, I get to work on a team that works together to make a difference in our customers’ business through delivering a product and experience they truly love.

Steven Talbot

Sr. Software Engineer

I love working at Looker because we're building an app that can create almost any application, given the right data. A "meta-app", if you will. And that's about the coolest software engineering challenge I can imagine.

Jaleel Mackey

Sr. SMB Account Executive

I love working at Looker because there's such a sense of community and family. I'm not just an employee at Looker but rather a citizen of Lookerville.

Paola Renteria

Data Analyst

The best part of being a Custom Support Analyst at Looker is that I get to build real relationships with our customers while helping them think of creative solutions to reach their data goals.

Zara Wells

Customer Success Manager

One of the best things about Looker is that you are always learning, whether it is passively or intentionally. Everyone is a teacher, and everyone is a student; irrelevant of their job title.

Clayton Bertholf

Sr. Sales Engineer Manager

I love working at Looker because we’re all insanely passionate about our customers’ success, plus we have a great time together, both in and outside the office. Working at Looker doesn’t feel like work - the culture and camaraderie are unmatched.

Scott MendeIson

Manager, Inside Sales

I love working at Looker (yeah I actually put love and work in the same sentence) because I can actually help customers, teams, and people solve complex problems everyday. Oh, and the people here are pretty cool too - simple as that.

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