What makes a Looker?

We like to embrace the things that make people unique: Curiosity, wit, kindness, a strong work ethic and sense of community. And we’re committed to making Looker a place where you will learn, grow and succeed. Come talk with us about whether Looker is the right place for you.

Jump In

We value “rolling up your sleeves” and jumping in. Everyone is willing to carry a box, load the dishwasher, or help solve a problem.

Get Involved

Pull up a chair at the kitchen table and ask any question. Be ready to mentor the people around you as well. At Looker, no one sits on the sidelines.

Wake Up Excited

Work should be rewarding and every day we hope you wake up excited to come solve new problems and help customers do more with their data.

It’s Not Just Talk

When we say we care about our customers, it is not just cliche business speak. We love our customers and it shows.

Keep it Balanced

There is always a wave to catch, a trail to ride, or a family outing to go on. Balanced and happy employees will create happy customers. So go for it.

No Egos Here

We leave our ego at the door and we demand mutual respect within and among teams. This is not your typical Valley company. Kindness and respect prevails.

Why I love Looker

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