Take your exam remotely

Learn about the requirements and process for completing an online proctored certification exam.


Register for a Looker Certification exam in Webassessor. During this process, you will select your desired exam, choose online proctored exam delivery, and select the date and time that is convenient for you. Oftentimes we have immediate availability.

You are strongly recommended to review all of the necessary requirements and the test-taking policies here: online proctoring — completing your exam remotely before scheduling an online proctored exam.

Preparing for your online proctored exam:
  1. Verify requirements
  2. Install Sentinel Secure™
  3. Create your biometric profile
  4. Launch your exam
Biometric authentication

After clicking on the launch button, Sentinel will load and then verify your biometrics. The authentication is similar to the enrollment.

For facial recognition: you will position yourself, just as you did for biometric enrollment, and click start. If the box turns red, please adjust yourself or your camera until the box turns green and goes to the next page.

For keystroke verification: you will need to type your name at the same rhythm you set your biometric enrollment keystrokes. Once you have matched the rhythm and your keystrokes are verified, you will move to the next screen.

Video camera preview page and camera position

Following the authentication of your biometrics, the video camera preview page will appear. Please use the video on the screen to adjust your camera position and verify your microphone is working. If the exam you're taking requires the use of an external webcam, you must position your camera such that the proctor can clearly see all required items, as listed in the What are the camera requirements? article. If your test sponsor has allowed test aids, please make sure they are in view of the camera before clicking I'm ready, begin the exam. They must also remain in view during the entire test session.

Note: If the camera position is poor, the microphone isn't working, or the wrong camera was selected, you will be paused during your exam to adjust these settings.

Required testing environment
  • The room is well-lit, quiet, and free from distractions.
  • The testing surface is clutter-free and contains only one computer, one monitor, one keyboard, and one mouse.
  • No test aids are allowed in your testing area. Once the Sentinel loads, the allowed test aids will be shown as icons on the right side of the screen. These icons are not interactive tools; they simply identify allowed test aids.
  • Lanyards, name badges, hats, watches, bracelets, and necklaces are not permitted to be worn during testing. Please remove all items from your neck and wrists.
  • Interaction with another individual during your test session is not permitted.
  • You may not use dual monitors.
  • You cannot take a break for any reason. If you leave the workstation during the exam, we are obligated to inform your test sponsor.
  • You may not lean out of the camera view during your test session. The proctor must be able to see you at all times.
  • Cell phones are not permitted in the testing area.
  • Reading the exam aloud is prohibited.
  • You will be recorded during the entire exam experience.
Online proctoring support

Online proctoring support is available here.

Exam results

Your results are delivered immediately on-screen after submission and sent to you via email.

Reschedules and cancellations

You may reschedule or cancel your online proctored registration without incurring an additional fee with at least 24 hours’ advance notice before the scheduled start time of your exam.

Please note: 24 hours are hours prior to the scheduled exam start time, not one business day.

Reschedules and cancellations more than 24 hours before your exam start time can typically be completed free of charge through your test-taker account in Webassessor. If you reschedule or cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled exam start time, you may incur an additional fee.

To make changes to your scheduled exam, please log in to your Webassessor account and click the reschedule or cancellation button next to your scheduled exam or contact Looker Certification directly.