What is a Looker Certification?

The Looker Certified program gives Looker users, customers, and partners a way to demonstrate their technical skills in a particular job role. Individuals are assessed using industry best practices and standards to determine whether Looker’s proficiency standards are met. Additionally, it allows organizations the ability to identify skilled professionals to lead BI initiatives using Looker.

Are there any mandatory training or exam requirements to take a Looker Certification exam?

While we highly recommend Looker training and on-the-job experience, there are no prerequisites for taking Looker Certification exams. Please review the exam details for the exam you want to take for more information about what the exam covers and the suggested training.

Which Looker Certification is right for me?

Learn about the Looker Business Analyst exam guide.
Learn about the Looker LookML Developer exam guide.

How can I know what is an exam covers?

Learn about what is covered in the Looker Business Analyst exam guide.
Learn about what is covered in the Looker LookML Developer exam guide.

Why should I get Looker Certified?

Looker Certifications give you a benchmark for your professional development and allow you the opportunity to baseline your skill sets against your peers and demonstrate value to hiring organizations.

How do I register to take a Looker Certification exam?

Instructions for how to register for a Looker Certification exam are in the Registering for a Looker Certification exam section.

Can I reschedule my exam if I cannot make my scheduled appointment?

You can get information on rescheduling a testing center onsite proctored exam.
You can get information on rescheduling an online proctored exam.

Can I get a list of Looker Certified individuals?

Looker’s privacy policy does not allow us to share personally identifiable information or exam pass/fail results without explicit candidate consent.

What is the required identification to test in a testing center?

You will need to present two forms of government-issued identification at a Kryterion Testing Center. Accepted forms of primary identification must include your name, photograph, and signature to authenticate your identity. Examples include:

  • Government-issued driver’s license
  • U.S. Department of State driver’s license
  • National/state/country identification card
  • Passport
  • Passport card
  • Military ID
  • Alien registration card (e.g., green card, permanent resident visa, etc.)

Acceptable forms of secondary identification must include your name and signature.

Examples include:

  • Debit/ATM card
  • Credit card
  • School ID
  • IDs mentioned under primary ID
When will I get my exam results?

You will receive a pass or fail result upon completion of your exam. You will also receive an email with these exam results immediately following your exam session. If you pass, you will receive your certificate and certified logo, usually within a few minutes of exam completion.

What is scaled scoring?

Scaled scores are a mathematical conversion of the number of items that a candidate correctly answers so there is a consistent scale used across all forms of an exam. Scaled scoring models are used to equate scores across multiple exam forms that may have slightly different difficulty levels.

What is the exam retake policy?

If you don't pass an exam, you can retake it after five days. You will only be allowed three attempts in a 12-month period. Payment is required each time you take an exam.

Circumventing this retake policy by registering under a different name or any other means is a violation of the exam terms and conditions and will result in a denied or revoked certification.

Is there an age requirement to be able to take a Looker Certification exam?

You must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible for any Looker Certification exam.

How do I add, edit, or remove a certification on my LinkedIn profile?

Currently, we are not considered a partner of LinkedIn for adding certificates, but you can manually add your Looker Certificate to your profile. Details are in LinkedIn help — adding, editing, or removing certifications on your profile.

How long will my certification be valid?

Your certification will be valid for 12 months and then will be extended as long as you meet the recertification requirements outlined in the maintenance requirements.

What kind of support can I get from the Kryterion help center?

Kryterion help provides support for all things related to taking your exam. You can find a testing center, find out how if you can meet the technical requirements for online proctored exams, and run a systems check prior to launching an online proctored exam. You can also contact support 24/7.

What is the pass rate for Looker Certification exams?

The pass rate for Looker Certification exams is confidential and will not be shared. Looker recommends that you review the exam guide and complete the recommended training in preparation for the exam. You will also receive domain level feedback on your exam score report to assist in further preparation before a second attempt.

In which languages are Looker certification exams available?

Our exams are currently only available in English.

Customer inquiry

If you have any questions or comments on the Looker Certified program, please contact: certification@looker.com