Set yourself apart as a Looker Certified Professional

The Looker Certification program is designed to validate your expertise. These industry-recognized credentials help build your confidence and credibility in the Looker ecosystem.

Certification Benefits

  • Highlights in-demand skills
  • Increases opportunity for career advancement
  • Enables organizations in building effective, innovative teams
  • Verifies your level of Looker expertise with credentials you can share

Looker Certifications

Registering for a Looker Certification exam

To register and schedule your exam, you must create an account through Webassessor. Webassessor will store each individual’s profile, exam registration, and associated exam results.

Communication regarding Looker’s certification program, exam registration, and exam results will arrive at the email address associated with your Webassessor Test Taker profile. You must ensure you have a current email address at all times so that you receive all relevant email communication.

Create a Looker Webassessor account

To create an account, log in to Webassessor. Once you have an account created, you will be able to register for an exam.

There are two exam delivery options:

Onsite proctored (testing center delivery at Kryterion Testing Centers)
Online proctored (testing remotely)

Register and schedule a Looker Certification exam

To register for a Looker Certification exam, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to Webassessor at If you do not already have a test-taker profile in Webassessor, you will need to create one.
  2. Click register for an exam.
  3. Locate the exam you wish to schedule and expand the section to view the delivery options. You can choose to register for the exam as testing center onsite proctored or online proctored. Click the register button for the delivery method you prefer.
    • If you selected the test center onsite proctored exam:
      • Select a testing center.
      • Select the date and time you would like to take the exam, read the reschedule and cancellation policy, and select the acknowledgment checkbox.
    • If you selected the online proctored exam:
      • Select the date and time you would like to take the exam, read the reschedule and cancellation policy, and select the acknowledgment checkbox.
      • All online proctored exams adjust automatically to the time zone of the location you have in your Webassessor profile details.
      • If you are interested in online proctored exams, review all system requirements on the online proctored page.
  4. Click select.
  5. Review the exam and scheduling details for accuracy and click checkout.
  6. Enter your payment type. You can enter a voucher/coupon code and/or credit card.
    • Certification exams are taxable per local laws; you will see any applicable tax listed during the checkout process.
  7. Click submit.
  8. You will see a purchase confirmation screen. Click done.
  9. You’ll receive an email confirming your purchase and registration.

Looker Certification program details

Exam Candidate Agreement

You will be asked to agree to our Exam Candidate Agreement before you begin your exam.

Languages available

Our exams are available in English.

Special accommodations

Testing accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis and may require supporting documentation. Depending on the accommodation requested, it can take 30+ days prior to your test date to arrange the accommodations with our partners and third-party vendors. To request an accommodation, please contact us at before scheduling your exam.

Providing exam feedback to Looker

We value your feedback. For this reason, we have enabled a comments box below each test question on the exam. Please use this free field to provide us with any concerns or comments that you have about any test question.

Scaled scoring

Looker Certification passing scores are set by using statistical analysis and are subject to change. Looker does not publish exam passing scores because exam questions and passing scores are updated to reflect changes in test forms as the content is updated.

Scaled scoring models are used to equate scores across multiple exam forms and versions that may have slightly different difficulty levels. Scaled scores are a mathematical conversion of the number of items that a candidate correctly answers, so there is a consistent scale used across all forms of an exam.

Retake policy

If you do not pass an exam, you can retake it after five days. You will only be allowed three attempts in a 12-month period. Payment is required each time you take an exam.

Circumventing this retake policy by registering under a different name or any other means is a violation of the exam terms and conditions and will result in a denied or revoked certification.

Receiving a certification / logo

Once you have passed a Looker Certification exam, you will receive an email including a PDF certificate immediately after completing your exam.


There will be a recertification or maintenance activity to ensure Looker Certified professionals stay up to date with any changes in the platform. We will email all certified individuals in March 2020 with more detailed information about the recertification requirements.

Customer inquiry

If you have any questions or comments on the Looker Certified program, please contact: