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4 Easy Ways to Embed Analytics with Looker

The customers have spoken and, as featured in the 2017 G2 Crowd Report, have selected Looker as the Leader in the...


Nov 6, 2017

4 Ways to Level Up Your Customer Support Analytics with...

One of the few constants of doing business is that Customer Support encompasses everything you do over the course of...


Oct 26, 2017

Highlights from JOIN 2017: The Feedback Wall

If you were among the lucky attendees at the recent JOIN 2017 conference in San Francisco you probably caught the...


Oct 18, 2017

Our Top Picks for Denodo’s DataFest

It was so great to see so many Looker customers and partners under one roof at JOIN 2017 in September. It granted us...

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Oct 13, 2017

Fantasy Football: A Guide for Streaming Defenses

If you’re streaming fantasy football defenses -- selecting a new defense week-by-week -- finding the right defense to...

Data Stories

Oct 4, 2017

Piwik PRO Marketing Suite + Looker = better, quicker,...

Analyzing and measuring the behavior of website visitors is crucial for any business with a digital presence. This is...


Oct 2, 2017

The Rise of The Instrumented Workplace

Last year at JOIN, Looker’s annual data conference, I talked about the three waves of BI.The first wave started 30...


Sep 27, 2017

Taking “The Big Picture” To Your Display Screen

Data visualization and digital signage are a match made in heaven. When combined, the two concepts bring “Big...


Sep 27, 2017

Cohort Analysis: 3 Creative Applications

At Looker, we get excited about data. How many people voted in the last presidential election? Who were those people?...

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Sep 21, 2017

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