Improvado + Looker: Aggregate 40+ Cross-Channel Ad Platforms in One Block

Daniel Kravtsov
Founder/CEO, Improvado

Like Looker, Improvado believes in simplifying the data aggregation process so our customers can focus on quickly drawing insights from their advertising data. This week, Looker will roll out the Improvado Block for data aggregation over 40 cross-channel advertising platforms.

The Journey to Agile Analytics

Nouras Haddad
Director of Technology Alliances

The traditional approach to analytics is far from agile. Before you can even ask a question you need to first extract the necessary data and store it, which involves at least three different additional parties: The ETL Team, DBAs, and the BI team.

Finally, Google App Data at Your Fingertips


Google recently announced **BigQuery Data Transfer Service**, which allows marketers to easily pipe all of their Google app data into Google’s BigQuery database, opening up a new world of possibilities for marketers.

Creating Looker Explores Your Users Will Love

Arielle Strong & Katherine Gillespie
Sales Engineer & Account Executive

Data is powerful, but can be overwhelming. Especially if you don’t have a background in databases and/or analytics. This is why many self-service analytics projects become frustrating for everyone involved - users are unsure about what to do with all of the data, while analysts can’t understand why users aren’t digging into what they’ve built.

Data is What Makes Marketers Successful

Jen Grant
Looker CMO

If you can prove what is working, what is not, how the mix works together and achieves your lead and revenue goals, then you will always have a seat at the proverbial “table.” And while we’ve all had a few point solutions that show us how that one single channel is working, it has been very difficult to pull all those solutions together to see the total picture.

Leveraging Apache NiFi for Agile Dataflows

Dan Young
Big Data Engineer

Apache Nifi was originally created by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and was open sourced in 2014. It enables the automation of data flow between systems.

Looker Sponsors the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup

Jen Rettig
Head of Recruiting

New Tech Meetup has chapters all over the world, but you might be surprised to hear that the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup is not only one of the largest groups with almost 3500 members but also one of the most active groups with monthly events averaging around 500 attendees.

No Data Left Behind: Introducing Singer, Open Source ETL

Jake Stein
Stitch CEO

Looker is a powerful tool for exploring and visualizing all kinds of data, and our customers use us to gain insight into many different aspects of their business. In order to get that insight, data needs to be consolidated from different tools and sources into a data warehouse.

The Metrics of Success

Nicole Beyer
Lead Analyst, Department of Customer Love

At Looker, we believe in putting our customers' success first. It’s a way of life around here. Caring for our customers is baked into the way we operate.

Bringing the Kitchen Table to Dublin

John O'Keeffe
VP of EMEA Sales

At Looker, The Kitchen Table is literally a large wooden table in the middle of the office, where anyone on the Looker team can sit to ask and answer questions whatever it may be.