Operationalize Your Data with Looker Data Actions and Segment

Erin Franz, Alliances

Combining customer event data from mobile and web with data from cloud sources like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Sendgrid gives you actionable insights for sales, customer success, product, and other areas of your business. Using Looker and Looker Blocks on top of the data Segment collects, you can quickly build a centralized data model in Looker with visualization and exploration capabilities, powering everyone’s decision-making with data.

How Data Actions make our Jobs Easier

Kyle Coleman, Director of Sales Development

As I’ve previously written, the ability to analyze our Salesforce.com data with Looker was an absolute game-changer for our Sales Development department. So much so that our entire workflow now revolves around using Looker to track our KPIs and inform, then refine, our business and measuring processes.

Segment + BigQuery Launch

Erin Franz, Alliances

We’re excited to be a launch partner for Segment’s support for Google BigQuery. Both technologies have proven to be incredibly powerful for our customers, and the joint Looker-Segment-BigQuery solution encapsulates a best in breed analytics stack for any data-driven business, from small business to enterprise.

How to chat with Data

Dillon Morrison, Manager of Product Marketing & Analytics

Big news, the Lookerbot - our chatbot - is live in Slack’s App Directory. We launched the Lookerbot in April and have watched it spread like wildfire among our customers. Since we last wrote about our chatbot, we now have hundreds of organizations using the tool daily. For companies like Buffer, Jet.com, and Docker, Lookerbot lets them slack their data making it easier for everyone in the company to be data driven. The Lookerbot’s inclusion in Slack’s App Directory means more people can now find Lookerbot and see what it can do.

Introducing Looker 4

Lloyd Tabb & Daniel Mintz, Looker Co-Founder & Chief Data Evangelist

We are so excited to introduce Looker 4, fulfilling our vision of Looker being a complete data platform. It’s is a major step forward. With Looker 4, you not only have an amazing data exploration tool, but also powerful mechanisms to deliver data anywhere it needs to go. What’s more, Looker 4 introduces the most advanced suite of tools to help get you started yet.

Parse.ly and Looker: Instant In-House Audience Analytics

Andrew Montalenti, CTO - Parse.ly

Parse.ly recently introduced their Data Pipeline product. Building on the analytics infrastructure expertise they’ve developed by processing over 50 billion user events per month, Parse.ly is now making its fully-managed pipeline available as a service for developers. Specifically, their open source recipes for streaming data compatible with Redshift and BigQuery provide an easy way to get started with Looker. Andrew Montalenti, CTO of Parse.ly, details the joint solution.

BigQuery Standard SQL + Looker

Lloyd Tabb and Erin Franz, Founder/CTO and Alliances Analyst

Looker and BigQuery work better together than ever before. Read about how we’ve worked with Google Cloud Platform to make sure that Looker is ready with full dialect support for BigQuery’s new Standard SQL (in Looker 3.56).

Campaign to Cash Looker Block - Monitor and Measure your Marketing Investments

Vikas Agrawal, Founding Partner - Datastician

Modern marketing organizations utilize multiple tools to execute and track campaigns. However with so many different data sources, it can be difficult to get a holistic view of marketing’s influence on opportunity conversion and revenue generation. The Looker Block for Campaign to Cash Analytics brings in data from Marketing systems and Website/Social Marketing systems, and ties them together into a single central warehouse to allow users to gain insight from a blended data spectrum.

The ROI of Looker, Part 1: Scaling and Cost-Savings

Dillon Morrison, Manager of Product Marketing & Analytics

One way many customers like to show the impact of Looker on a business, is through the lens of ROI. We’ve seen this so frequently, we wanted to share the logic with our larger customer base and the public. Read more to learn how different Looker customers have leveraged their data to improve their businesses.

Building A Census Data Application In No Time Flat

Daniel Mintz & Catherine Aurelio, Chief Data Evangelist & Director of UX and Design

After making Census data explorable, we wanted to create an engaging, interactive experience to tell some of the stories that we found in the data. So today we're rolling out our first data story, about how housing has changed in America over the last 20 years. Check it out, and then drill down to see how things have changed in your state.