Women of Data: Diana Streche, Data Engineer at Adore Me

Taylor Todd, Blog Editor at Looker

Apr 26, 2019

Diana Streche is a Data Engineer at women’s intimates company Adore Me. Since graduating with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Transilvania, Diana has worked in roles including on the business intelligence team for a mobile gaming company.

Now at Adore Me, she shares her love for data by enabling users across levels of technical expertise to find success with data and build on their company data culture.

Hello Diana! Can you share with us how your background lead you to a career in data?

I initially came from a purely technical background, where working with data was more of a hobby that I happened to have on the side. When I started looking for work, I managed to get into a big mobile gaming company working on the business intelligence team. I had a lot to learn from scratch as far as BI was concerned, but in the meantime I discovered that I liked working with data way more than I liked producing software. With all the opportunities out there in the data and business intelligence space, I decided I would continue and build on those skills, which has lead me to where I am today.

What has been the biggest surprise in your career?

As an artist and creative at heart, I initially didn’t want to work in tech at all. When I started, I had absolutely no knowledge of what BI meant, how it worked, and my technical skills definitely did not match the job description. But with time, I discovered that there was more to business intelligence than met the eye. I ended up surprising myself when I learned that I had more skills to bring to the table through my creative side than I’d first thought.

What advice would you give to other women who are interested in pursuing a similar career path to yours?

Everyone has a niche to fill, so find what you’re good at and make it work for you. Being the lone female in my line of work, I often felt the need to “compete” with the guys and show that I was just as good at doing what everyone else was. I ended up deciding that instead of competing with the masses, I would continue to develop the skills I was good at and enjoyed, and would make those skills useful for everyone else. In doing so, I was able to be useful in areas that no one else was tackling and be appreciated and given new opportunities because of it.

What can women in the workplace do to help build the foundation for successful careers?

A personal mantra of mine is ‘always keep learning’. If the work you’re doing isn’t pushing you to learn and do more, consider making a change. Take on learning something new or find challenges and skills you can develop to help fill gaps where you are now. There is always something to do and room to grow.

"Everyone has a niche to fill, so find what you’re good at and make it work for you."

How do you think individuals can use data to advance their ideas or careers?

Data is very powerful — it permeates almost of everything that we do, sometimes without even realizing it. It can come in the form of KPIs that help push your business in the right direction, or operational data that tells you the when, what, and where of your applications, warehouses, and traffic.

What I think is most valuable about data is that it’s a communication bridge between people across levels of a company. Data bridges differences in experience and backgrounds, even within teams, and ensures that everyone has a say. You may not understand the internal mechanics of other teams and departments, but you can understand the data, and that can help you drive your point across.

Do you think that data can help build a more diverse and equal workplace?

I think it already is! By getting people from all corners of the company to understand and interact with the same data, we are already giving people a say in decisions that they may not have gotten to participate in before. Only a limited group of people can challenge an opinion, but anyone can challenge the numbers. Through that, I think we’re opening up a completely new world.

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