Why you should get involved in the data revolution

Carrie Browde, Certification Program Coordinator, Looker

Jul 31, 2020

The anxiety of change is real. We’re all yearning to “get back to normal,” but how can we know what “normal” will look like — or when we may get there? While our mentors and peers encourage us to turn our fear of the unknown into excitement with a “go get ‘em” attitude, the truth is that we are in the midst of a global shift, and it’s hard to know what it is exactly we’re supposed to go and get.

The answer is data. With data, you can equip yourself to understand what's happening, analyze the world, and make informed decisions.

Even prior to COVID-19 shaking up our day-to-day activities, we saw organizations across the globe joining the data revolution by incorporating data into everyday business operations. And this observation wasn’t limited to a single sector: in the healthcare space, enterprises like NewWave implemented data solutions to empower individual providers with visualizations built to facilitate the transition to value-based care. FinTech leader GoCardless invested in self-serve analytics so that everyone could be a part of building a “self-help culture across the company.” Even sweet treat suppliers like MilkBar embraced the shift towards data-driven workflows and prioritized baking user adoption into their analytics goals.

Today, the use of data continues to drive business decisions and help us pivot to meet the needs of our customers, institutions, and one another. Whether it’s the transition to ordering meals from our phones, learning how to have Google Meet dates with our grandparents, adjusting to online-only classes, or even virtual goats, we may feel as if some aspects of our lives have slowed down (I’m looking at you, sourdough starter) -- when in reality, these adjustments are actually accelerating the data revolution.

We are witnessing a mass migration towards data literacy. People with little to no prior experience in data and analytics now leverage dashboards to determine the potential hazards of a grocery outing, and businesses are rapidly adopting new practices and adapting their existing data integrations in order to make on-the-fly supply chain decisions week to week.

No matter the forum, data has become a critical component in the decisions shaping our future. There is space in that conversation for many voices, and yours can be one of them. If you’re feeling lost about where to start, consider what it is that excites you most about data, and explore what you can do with it. Observe and actively participate in a data-driven Community. As you gain confidence, find a quantifiable goal in the Looker Certification program, and map out the learning path that suits your time and needs.

Change can feel like a runaway bus, taking you along for a ride. But with the right tools, you don’t have to be just a passenger - with data, you too can take the wheel and drive.

Reach out to the Looker Certified team at certification@looker.com to learn more about the tools and guides available to you so you too can join the data revolution.

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