Top Looker features to learn about during JOIN@Home

Pedro Arellano, Director of Looker Product Marketing, Google Cloud

Oct 13, 2020

Each year, we look forward to bringing together and connecting with the data-driven community during our annual data conference, JOIN — and this year is no exception. To make JOIN 2020 safe for everyone to attend, we’ve made this year’s event completely digital and created JOIN@Home.

Although we’ll miss getting to see our Looker community members and data enthusiasts in person, we’ve packed JOIN@Home with the exciting and informative content you’ve come to expect from our yearly conference. From breakout sessions to customer presentations, interactive labs and workshops, and our annual Hackathon event, there are many opportunities to connect virtually with your fellow data community members and learn new ways to solve problems with data during JOIN@Home.

Looker goes mobile

During the JOIN keynote with our Looker product leaders, you can learn more about the latest advancements to the Looker platform, including our new native mobile app. Looker’s mobile app gives business users fast and easy access to data from anywhere, at any time. With the power of Looker on your mobile device, you can track and monitor KPIs, even if you’re not sitting at your desk. Equipped with easily accessible dashboards, looks, and boards, you can filter the data that matters most to you and effortlessly share insights with your colleagues to keep everyone on the same page.

Alert to Slack

Much of the work we do at Looker is a direct result of customer feedback. We heard from customers that you love our alerting feature, but need more dynamic ways to notify teams of important data changes, especially while on the go. With Looker’s new alert to Slack feature, you can receive conditional alert notifications in a Slack message or channel. This helps you and your teams stay more closely connected to your data, regardless of whether or not you’re inside the Looker platform. And the best part is that we’ve seamlessly integrated Slack as part of our alerting capability, so no additional setup or maintenance is required to get started with this feature.

Easier customization with new UI components

We are excited to launch the public library of UI components, now in beta. This library will help accelerate the development of custom data applications, with components from Looker’s internal design system that are now available in Figma and in React. As a developer, you’ll be able to use this library to create tailored experiences for administration pages, navigation forms, and more. If you’re an app designer, you’ll find it easier to design intuitive user experiences that have a more consistent look and feel for your data apps. And when combined with Looker’s extension framework, teams can design and hand off beautiful and powerful data apps in minutes, rather than hours or days.

Looker Marketplace updates

As we continue to invest in the Looker Marketplace, we’re thrilled to share that since January of this year, more than 1,500 people have used the Marketplace to quickly deploy custom visualizations, Looker Blocks for data sources, and, of course, Looker extensions. As the repository that brings all of this content together, the Marketplace helps you get value from your data and from Looker faster and with less effort.

One of the newest items you’ll see in the Looker Marketplace is the Report Visualization. This is a purpose-built visualization you can use to create traditional report layouts — ideal for financial reporting and other line-item based statements.

Explore in Looker with greater ease

We also have a new Explore picker that makes it easier for all users to explore their data. With the new quick start options, users can get started exploring from modeled queries and popular fields with ease and confidence, and use the smarter search to find the right fields for analysis. To make this even more useful, we added a highly requested shortcut to clear fields and keep filters, allowing users to quickly iterate on their analysis. And with the ‘In Use’ tab, users can easily see and manage their selected fields as they explore within Looker.

Learn about the latest Looker features and more during JOIN@Home

We’re very excited to show you these latest features in addition to those we announced in August (which you can read about here) during JOIN@Home, along with all the fantastic customer, partner, and Looker-led sessions available to you, wherever you are.

We hope you have a fantastic JOIN@Home experience, and we invite you to learn more about the latest Looker platform additions during our upcoming “What’s New” webinar (register here for the EMEA session).

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