The JOIN 2017 agenda is here and it rocks

Jen Grant, CMO

Jun 28, 2017

Ask any of my friends or colleagues, they will tell you that I’m easily excitable. With that said...this agenda is killer. The JOIN team has really pulled out all the stops when it comes to this content.

Last year we talked about disrupting with data; this year we want to encourage people to always keep asking why. And who better to encourage people to keep asking why, than Simon Sinek — the man who encourages millions to Start with Why and create a world where everyone feels fulfilled and inspired by their work.

After the keynote, we’ll have three main tracks of content. Below, I’ve highlighted some of the sessions I’m most excited about...

Our Data Stories will shine a spotlight on customers who are changing their business with data and Looker.

  • Taking Business Intelligence from Historical to Real-time at Mic. Learn how Mic uses DynamoDB, Spark Streaming, Looker and other technologies to encourage real-time decision making.

  • How Coursera Brings Education for Tomorrow to Millions Today. Hear how Coursera developed and deployed an algorithm to help them provide the world’s best learning experience - everything from building affinity analysis to understanding the ROI on skills.

  • GitHub: How I got Dr. Dre Excited About Data. Successful data teams do far more than manage tools — they create a foundation strong enough to build and support a data culture. Github will talk about its experience changing culture at Beats Music, TuneIn, and GitHub, including how GitHub uses GitHub to manage Looker models.

Plus Speakers from: BuzzFeed, WeWork, Blue Apron, Twilio, Kiva and more!

Tech Talks will cover overarching issues & solutions to help you and your company be better users of not only Looker, but data in general.

  • Managing and Scaling with Large Datasets will talk about features both within and outside of Looker to help scale data access for large and complex datasets.

  • We’re opening up and talking about How we Looker at Looker. Looker leads from Support, Customer Success, and Demand Generation will walk you through the good, the bad and the creative pieces of our implementation.

Deep Dives will bring it all together with sessions on how to implement specific technologies and analyses.

  • Learn how to use Looker’s smart caching feature, which allows you to sync Looker with your ETL process to deliver faster and more timely dashboards.

  • Do you know about seamless workflows in Looker with Zapier and Data Actions? You can add everything from SMS Alerts and Slack notifications to options for pushing data into apps like Salesforce or Adwords.

  • All things table calculations. Learn how Table Calcs could give you greater control over how you display and think about your data. We’ll go over the basics, then dig into row-over-row calculations, pivot offsets, and more!

I hope this peek into the agenda gets you as excited about the content as I am. Our goal was to curate content that will spark new ideas for how to use Looker, train you on best practices, and teach you how to get more and more of your company drilling into the data and making more informed decisions.

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