Tenjin Looker Block: run smarter app marketing campaigns

Sunny Cha, Head of Marketing at Tenjin

Jun 7, 2017

In today’s mobile ecosystem, app marketers have to be savvy about how they allocate their ad spend. The landscape is simply so competitive that in order to run profitable install campaigns, developers have to use a data-driven approach that lets them target the right users, partner with the right ad sources, and track their data all the way through the customer lifecycle.

Built by product and engineering experts with several years of app marketing experience, Tenjin is designed to be the most flexible, comprehensive and intuitive marketing platform in the mobile industry for the biggest apps in the world, such as Yelp and Dots, as well as for indie developers just getting started.

And after partnering with Looker earlier this year, Tenjin is now pleased to announce that the Tenjin Looker Block is available for Looker customers who want to grow their mobile apps quickly, scalably and profitably.

Tenjin’s data tracks the entire app marketing lifecycle, starting with the source of the install and continuing on to the user’s in-app behaviors so that it can monitor their full lifetime value -- including both in-app purchase (IAP) revenue and advertising-based revenue. That way, developers can map the revenue generated by each user back to the source of their install in order to understand the ROI for each campaign, allowing them to re-invest in profitable campaigns and reduce or cut out underperforming campaigns altogether.

The Tenjin Looker Block works with data from more than 100 advertising sources and aggregates them together so that app marketers can access all of their data in a single, flexible and easy-to-use dashboard.

Marketers can use the dashboard to analyze install campaigns based on any number of factors, including Cost Per Install, Cost Per Click, Click Through Rate, Total Spend, Total Installs and more. Below are some sample reports that show metrics for a specific campaign:

screenshot screenshot

The Tenjin Looker Block allows marketers to:

  • Analyze campaign performance by dimensions such as ad network, country, platform, date, budget and more
  • Get user-level data on lifetime value, IAP revenue, ad-based revenue, return on ad spend, and more
  • Analyze daily behaviors of app users according to any number of customizable in-app events
  • Track cohorts of app users and compare them to other cohorts to see how changes affect retention and engagement performance
  • And more!


If you’d like to try the Tenjin Block, you can sign up with Tenjin for free here, or don’t hesitate to contact sales@tenjin.io with any questions. Learn more about the Tenjin Looker Block.

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