With more people and organizations making business decisions backed by data, we _____ that those stories are ones that can be shared.

Highlighting the stories that are informing, inspiring, and creating spaces for conversation about finding power in data is what the Looker blog is all about.

Check out some great examples of ________;

Topics we’re ______;
  • How-to’s
  • Creating workflows
  • Enabling departments
  • Driving adoption
  • Building products with data
  • Sparking data culture
  • Encouraging data literacy
  • Data’s impact on culture
What we’re not looking for;
  • You to sell Looker
  • You to sell your own company/technology
  • Negative sentiments towards competing technologies or companies
  • Screenshots with your company’s data (obfuscation via photoshop is recommended)

Who should submit a blog?
  • Anyone who believes data makes them better at their job
  • Anyone using data to innovate an existing business processes
  • Non-technical enthusiasts