Ritual’s formula for a 360 view of customer acquisition data

Divine Edem, Associate Manager of Acquisition Marketing, Ritual

May 6, 2021

At Ritual, we’ve re-imagined multivitamins — bringing high-quality nutrients to our customers and helping them make healthy habits a daily ritual.

Those core beliefs and our use of data have helped us thrive in a crowded market. In a recent webinar, I joined my colleague Kira Furuichi, Manager of Data & Analytics, to share how Looker has supported customer acquisition and provided cross-team perspectives and insights that have helped us get ahead.

Technology stack requirements: scalability and usability

Our values of quality and transparency extend to Ritual’s technology initiatives. As Kira described it: “We needed a data technology stack that was scalable as the business grew, our data expanded, and the complexity of our data grew along with the volume.” And the solution had to be broadly usable: “Some people can write SQL, and some don’t know what a median is.” So, ease of use by all business users was imperative in selecting our data solution.

We have multiple cloud data sources, including Google AdWords and customer ad platforms, customer relationship management tools, and social media platforms. We use out-of-the-box Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) services like Fivetran and Stitch to pipe our extensive data into Snowflake. We then use data build tool (dbt), an open source command line tool, to transform raw data into usable analytics data. From there, the data goes to two places: Databricks for data science modeling and Looker for business intelligence. This stack meets the requirements of scalability and usability, with nearly all of our business users accessing data from Looker on a regular basis.

Multiple lenses of insight on customer acquisition data

As a rapidly growing company, understanding how data helps drive growth is critical to making the best decisions. As I said in the webinar, Looker has given us greater customer acquisition data insight from four main lenses: reporting, transparency, streamlining, and multiple perspectives.

We now have everything in one place and are able to see numbers from all angles. With the integration of the data team and Looker, acquisition is a continuous opportunity for scale and efficiency. This enables us to understand acquisition performance at both a granular and macro level and make intelligent decisions to drive growth.

Our customer acquisition channel is huge. Having Looker centralize and sync all the information makes the process a little less overwhelming and helps us to see things through an effective magnifying glass.

Lens 1: Robust reporting

Reporting is fundamental to how we understand the performance of our customer acquisition channels. Looker provides Ritual with a central hub where multiple teams can understand channel platform performance. It’s fundamental to understanding acquisition performance as a whole.

Lens 2: Enabling transparency

Transparency — providing access to and understanding of important business data — isn’t just critical to driving growth decisions. It’s also a central part of our company values. You can literally find everything data-related in Looker, which helps us ensure that it remains accessible and usable. Whether it’s through dashboards, emails, or Slack integrations set up by the data team and other related teams, everyone at Ritual can access insights into specific metrics or how the company is providing as a whole.

Lens 3: Streamlining analytics

We have hubs for different aspects of customer acquisition tracking with Looker, meaning people can understand company performance as a whole and how each acquisition channel is interacting with others. This enables business users to combine and compile robust profiles of performance and customers, giving them more nuanced analytics.

Lens 4: Providing multiple perspectives

One of my responsibilities is helping optimize our resources and deciding how to market our products from an advertising perspective. We have to decide how to target and find new customers through Google’s multiple properties. Looker enables my team to combine multiple perspectives and insights — from high-level overviews like Google Ads spend data, click data, and conversion data to more granular details like landing page or search query data.

My team also works with the customer insights team to monitor two key post-purchase metrics on Looker. Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the Brand Sentiment Survey, we get an understanding of how the product and the company’s brand values are resonating with customers. This helps us market products better and helps us shape our message to customers about the benefits of adding our products to their daily routine. We can collaborate and share this information to make overall acquisition stronger in AdWords as we start to understand the values customers are looking for.

Syncing our Google acquisition channel platform with Looker helps stakeholders on teams outside of customer acquisition. Seeing what’s happening in the channel lets teams like data and digital product understand where there’s room for opportunity.

Applying a data-driven approach to acquisition

The integration of our customer acquisition data into Looker has propelled Ritual’s growth in new and exciting ways. We’re also applying a data-driven approach to acquisition channels that traditionally haven’t been seen as data-driven, and we’ve developed quite the data culture too — check out Kira’s blog post for more on that.

Ultimately, we’re excited by what we’ve accomplished with data so far and we’re excited to uncover new ways to grow and better serve our customers through analytics.

Watch the webinar, “A 360-View of Acquisition,” here.