Introducing Looker Office Hours

Brian Lafaille, Account Management

Apr 18, 2016

Looker Office Hours

In college, some of my most valuable learning experiences came from professor Office Hours.

That free, open time to meet with your mentor, talk about your course, collaboratively work on a project, strategize on your major, and generally chat openly about your degree and what was possible after college.

In the classroom my professor was invested in my success, but it was during office hours where he showed he really cared. He remembered how and where I was struggling, remembered my name, and offered priceless advice on learning, organization, and skills that stretched far beyond the scope of the classroom.

Starting this week, we're bringing the college office hours experience to Looker.

Once a month at our offices in New York and San Francisco we'll be holding Looker Office Hours. A chance to meet with Looker success analysts to chat ETL, data, new use-cases, review new releases, and generally help in anyway we can.


Now whether it's classroom learning with a success analyst, asking our best in-class support analysts a quick one-off question in chat, or strategizing a new data integration with your account manager, we've always been invested in our customer's success with data. It's a huge part of our company culture, and our investment to your success:

Best part is, these sessions are wrapped up for free in your monthly subscription fee.

Just register here for a date and location. Sign up for as many sessions as you’d like!

We can’t wait to help.

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