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Jen Grant, CMO

Jun 12, 2017

When we were kids, we were full of questions. And we weren’t afraid to ask “why?” to just about everything. As a mom of four, this “why” stage can be irritating at times, but I know my kids are asking because they want to learn. And as they learn more, they will make better decisions and have more interesting insights about the world around them. Believe it or not, within a business, the process is no different.

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Last year in New York we hosted our first user conference JOIN 2016, bringing some of the most innovative minds in data together to collaborate, share ideas and connect over what data can make possible for business and even for the world. We were amazed with the variety of ways customers were using data to better understand their businesses. Buzzfeed’s data science team spoke on optimizing content publishing while Bonobos,, and Casper discussed accelerating their ecommerce businesses. All of these talks had one thing in common. Here were data people who were not afraid to keep asking ‘why.’

Join 2016

As we’ve been talking to data people over the last year, we are continuing to hear this same theme. Companies like Gilt and DigitalOcean are setting themselves apart from their competition because of their drive to go beyond the dashboard and keep asking why.

JOIN 2017 - this year in San Francisco - will bring together all of these curious-minded people to share ideas, make friends and, together, continue to ask why. Already data experts from GitHub, IndieGoGo, and Blue Apron are scheduled to share their ideas on how to drive that spirit of curiosity in a business as well as their stories about how they are getting answers from their data.

So this year we hope you’ll come to JOIN 2017, to jump into the conversation, share your data stories and inspire everyone around you to keep asking.

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