Opportunity, culture, and balance — insights from Looker’s leadership in 2018

The Looker Team

Dec 27, 2018

Workplaces are continually evolving and changing. In a matter of a year, a lot can happen that can divert focus away from the aspects that make up a positive, inclusive, and healthy work environment.

With a new year around the corner, we reflect on the importance of equal opportunity, culture, and balance in the workplace as shared by our leaders at Looker...

Creating equal opportunities for growth

Ideas are what fuel the conversations that are key for innovation and growth. In business today, it’s become increasingly important for ideas to be backed by facts and data. Jen Grant, CMO at Looker, emphasizes that by giving employees an equal view of the data, everyone can share in the opportunity to contribute to the successes of the business.

“Without data to bring people together, discourse favors those that are able to get their voices heard. And, once again, people with the megaphone tend to be the same types of people who have always held power.”

“But the solution is simple: Everyone — every employee — needs access to a unified view of a company’s business data. By giving everyone an equal view, companies can begin to increase the diversity of ideas and opportunities. Every contributor can help diagnose the organization’s challenges and share their ideas for solving them.”

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Scaling with culture

As organizations scale, it can be challenging to scale company culture and values at the same rate. Frank Bien, Looker’s CEO, shares that equating customer and employee happiness is what Looker has and continues to build its growth around. By focusing on the way people are hired, the culture they come into, and how values are practiced within the company, culture can more easily grow with the organization.

“For us, it has to be employee first. If you have motivated employees who are passionate about what they do, you will have happy customers. You can’t have happy customers in a software company with a workforce that isn’t highly motivated.”

“Great companies exhibit a personality. And I think that’s the part that scales, it’s who the people are, and who they share the vision with and bring on, is what makes a company great.”

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Striking a balance

One of the corporate values at Looker is “Make Time to Shred” — a surfing terms that emphasizes the importance of having a work-life balance. For our CTO and Founder, Lloyd Tabb, this comes in the form of riding his bike. Lloyd shares that by making time for yourself outside of the office, you can improve the way you approach new goals and challenges in your role at work.

“The best thinking I do when I’m programming is on the bike. It’s the ability to be moving and having the blood flowing and having the time to work through the problem. The creative process works best when I’m on my bike.”

“A good life is a series of good days. If you work all of the time, you burn out, and you won’t be able to do your best creative work when you’re overworked.”

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We look forward to the good days ahead, and wish you a great start to the new year.

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