Happy birthday Looker, and thank you

Lloyd Tabb, Founder & CTO

Jan 24, 2017

Happy birthday Looker, and thank you

Looker is five. It is kind of hard to believe. Thinking back, it seems like we were getting started just yesterday. We’ve grown from two people to 300, from one customer to over 800. Many of the very best companies in the world use Looker and the thanks all goes to our customers.

The guiding principle: “Make people that use Looker successful”!

Great software, when you use it, feels like it was made just for you. Like a tailored suit or a fitted glove, it feels like someone was thinking of you when they made it. If you feel this, they were thinking of you.

Great software comes from listening and anticipating and listening some more. It comes from experimenting and getting real people to use it and then listening again.

Our great software doesn’t always start out great, and when it isn’t great we have to be there to make sure our customers get great results anyway, no matter the cost. That’s why from the beginning, our customers have only been a chat away from some amazing data people.

We build this software because we know that when people understand their data, they win. Data gives you a competitive advantage. Data is where the game is played, and when you use Looker (the software and the Looker team), we know you can be better than your competition. We know that the more of your people who use data - and who like using data - the smarter you will be as a company.

Betting on Looker

Every one of our customers has made a bet on Looker. It is a big bet. Learning a new language, a new way of working with data and believing our promise - a promise that if you use Looker you will be better at whatever it is that you do.

We know this is a big bet. We take the responsibility very seriously. Looker has been manically focused on helping our customers win with data for five years.

Thank you for betting on us.

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