Five reasons to get excited for JOIN: The Tour 2019

Cari Goodrich, Sr. Director, Global Marketing Programs

Feb 18, 2019

The learnings we walked away with after meeting so many of our customers at JOIN - our annual data conference - were so invaluable that it left us wanting more. That’s why we decided to bring JOIN directly to you for our second annual customer roadshow, JOIN: The Tour.

Beginning on March 5th, JOIN: The Tour kicks off in Los Angeles and Denver. From there, we have stops across the U.S. and Europe. In addition, we’re going to Tokyo for the first time, to meet with our expanding Looker community in Japan.

With the best content coming to a city nearest you, there’s a lot to be excited about for this year's tour. If you’re looking for specifics, here are five reasons why we think you should mark your calendars and plan to attend a JOIN: The Tour stop near you.

1. Give us feedback

Better understanding your needs, pains, and successes with Looker is one of the main reasons JOIN: The Tour was started. As our customer community has grown, we’ve noticed that the way people use data varies across regions and continents. Not only does JOIN: The Tour give us the opportunity to meet with the growing Looker community, but it is a great way to get to hear from you - our valued customers - so we can continue making our platform suit your data needs, no matter what region you reside in.

2. Meet Looker executives

Not only has our Looker customer community continued to grow, but so has our Looker team. We’re excited to have our new Chief Product Officer, Nick Caldwell, and our new VP of Customer Success, Wayne McCulloch, join us this year. Hired late in 2018, they have already helped enhance the Looker platform and our overall customer experience program. Both Nick and Wayne will be at several stops of JOIN: The Tour to meet you, share their roadmaps, and learn more about your successes with your Looker deployment

3. Engage with your tribe

Magical moments happen during JOIN: The Tour, usually sparked when attendees are able to meet and mingle with local data enthusiasts. For every tour stop, we work hard to ensure you get to learn from the top data companies in your area. This year’s speaker lineup includes Automatic, Bizible, Global Payments, Verizon, Walt Disney and more. Additionally, you can help your tribe thrive through one of our many local Meetup groups. We’ll have folks on-site at each JOIN: The Tour stop to help you get signed up on so you can continue meeting up with your peers after the tour.

4. Expand your ecosystem

Your analytics experience is only as good as your data ecosystem, right? At JOIN: The Tour, we’re tapping into your local markets to introduce you to our top technology and consulting partners. Partners like Amazon, Google, Snowflake, Trianz, Fivetran, Keboola, and many others will be with us throughout the tour to help enhance your tech stack so you can provide a one-of-a-kind experience to your data consumers.

5. Learn tips, tricks, and best practices

In 1996 Bill Gates penned an essay titled, ‘Content is King.’ He was referring to the Internet, but we are applying that theory to our JOIN: The Tour sessions. By attending, you will:

    1. Learn about our vision behind the Looker data platform
    2. Explore tips, tricks and best practices for showing, exploring, and integrating data anywhere
    3. Learn more about Looker’s 2019 Product Roadmap
    4. Get hands-on experience with our product
    5. Hear real-world use cases from other Looker customers

See you on the Tour!

There you have it! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out what stops are nearest you for this year’s tour and register. And -- as a bonus reason to be excited -- JOIN: The Tour is a great teaser for our flagship conference, JOIN, which will take place in San Francisco on November 5-7th, 2019. We look forward to seeing you on the tour!

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