8 of our favorite blogs from 2019

Taylor Todd, Marketing at Looker

Dec 31, 2019

2019 was a fantastic year, and we’re excited about what’s to come in the next chapter of the Looker story.

As we look forward to what 2020 will bring, we looked back at some of our favorite reads from 2019.

Offsetting our carbon footprint with data

Did you travel to any events or conferences this year and think “I wonder how my travel impacted the environment?” At our 4th annual JOIN conference in San Francisco, we answered that question with responses from our attendees.

How did we use data to do this? You’ll want to check out the blog (or watch the video) to find out.

Increasing platform adoption with people in mind

Whether you’re building off an existing data culture or starting from scratch with a new platform, Diana reminded us that “achieving user adoption is a challenge that is as unique as the people that make up an organization.”

Though how it’s achieved may vary from company to company, there are some common strategies and tactics that can help on the journey to increased user adoption. Learn more about what worked for Diana and the teams at Adore Me.

Support your data product goals with a data product manager

To build effective data products, you need someone who can: understand how teams will use the data and how research how to meet every team’s unique data needs test different solutions observe and onboard people with the data tool gather feedback and iterate on the data product

Enter the data product manager. Find out why it’s time to hire one at your organization.

Understanding the customer journey within the conversion funnel

Improving your website experience is an ongoing process that can have many solutions. In this blog, Sean and the Daasity team share how to build, analyze, and optimize the funnel so you can continue providing the best experience possible for every one of your customers.

Find the goal beneath your data question to help you choose the best graph

From simple to complex, the choices we make in life are motivated by the goals we wish to achieve. And because these goals impact how we choose between options to get to our desired outcome, it’s important that the ways in which these options are displayed make sense for the questions being asked.

Jill shares how to address this when choosing a chart or graph for your data in this blog.

Data of Thrones, the gender analysis edition

No matter your feelings toward the final season of Game of Thrones, we enjoyed diving into the series data again this year and discovering some curious and surprising trends. More specifically, we analyzed the data set for gender differences regarding death, sex, and dialogue. Scroll through the blog to see what we found out.

The lasting impact of interns

This year, Looker welcomed more than 20 interns to join us for our summer intern program. During that time, these bright young professionals not only impacted the success of Looker as an organization, but they also left a lasting, positive impact on the Looker culture and on the lives of those they worked and spent time with.

Read some of their stories here.

How we use data at Looker

Here at Looker, we’re dedicated to the mission of empowering people through the smarter use of data. With that in mind, we love getting to share how we use data to fuel our decisions, too. “Because, at Looker, we believe data isn’t just about reporting—it’s about improving.” Read on to learn how we use data on our Corporate Communications team.

Cheers to the year to come

Looker’s Co-Founder and CTO, Lloyd Tabb, often says “a good life is a series of good days.”

As we close 2019 and begin the new year, we look forward to it being filled with growth, learning, and many good days.

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