Bringing the Kitchen Table to Dublin

John O'Keeffe, VP of EMEA Sales

Feb 23, 2017

The Kitchen Table

When I first learned about Looker, the value of The Kitchen Table was one that really stood out for me.

At Looker, The Kitchen Table is literally a large wooden table in the middle of the office, where anyone on the Looker team can sit to ask and answer questions whatever it may be.

In my first visit to Looker’s Santa Cruz HQ, I saw it in person, and I was absolutely blown away.


Not only did I see teamwork, but I saw true collaboration happening right there. And it was not only to help customers but also each other. I had never seen anything like it. It wasn’t just a value on paper, it was real!

Bringing Looker - and The Kitchen Table - to Dublin

This is one of many Looker cultural values in action that drove me to want to become part of the company. This week, we formally announced the opening of Looker’s new European headquarters in Dublin. We joined local leaders and other like-minded companies in a get together hosted by the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation as well as the IDA to announce our new operations.


Barry O'Dowd, Head of Emerging Business Division; Myself; Heidi Schriefer, VP of People and Places at Looker; and Martin Shanahan, CEO of IDA Ireland at the Press Conference yesterday.

Looker fits in perfectly with Dublin’s thriving technology sector and its diverse and talented workforce. Our London sales office has already had two years of success under its belt, teaming up with over 100 companies across Europe to help drive their data cultures with Looker. And more growth is on the way.

As I said, The Kitchen Table is all about supporting our customers and one another to get answers to questions to make the Looker experience the best it can be. With our Dublin office we are expanding our functions to include Marketing, Professional Services, Support and Sales to better support the growth we see coming across Europe. The combination of these two offices will give the growing list of Looker customers and prospects all the services they need to be successful.

So, I’d like to raise a glass to our European teams. We look forward to providing all of European customers with the a world-class experience to help solve their most pressing data needs.

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