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Looker + Workplace: A smarter, faster, and more powerful way to collaborate with fresh data

Dillon Morrison, Platform

May 1, 2018

Looker and Workplace by Facebook share the belief that people can achieve more by working together. That’s why Looker is excited to announce our new integration with Workplace.

Where teamwork comes to play

Workplace is a communications platform built to transform how businesses and teams work together. By combining the familiar, reliable Facebook features you’ve come to know with Looker’s powerful data platform, we’re able to deliver a smarter, faster, and more powerful way to collaborate with fresh data.

Looker + Workplace makes it easy to:

  • Share an interesting insight and start a conversation
  • Send reports on a periodic basis to keep data at the top of mind for everyone in the organization
  • Set custom triggers to send alerts to teams directly in Workplace

It’s never been easier to get the answers you need to make informed decisions, share insights with your team, and build a truly data driven culture.

Connected by data

Introducing new data directly into a workflow allows teams to seamlessly apply real-time analytics to current tasks; ensuring that everyone has a voice and is working together from a single source of truth.

The Looker and Workplace integration allows users to send a snapshot of a Dashboard or visualization directly from Looker to a Workplace group, along with commentary. Users then have a place to discuss, share, and react to the information while keeping the context of the information itself.


Build new routines with automation

Want everyone to check out the weekend report on Monday morning? Schedule it to appear in the company group first thing.


Lowering the barrier to entry is the first step to changing behavior. Make data a regular part of the conversation by simply putting it there.

A Learn fast, act faster

Keeping a constant pulse on what’s happening in your business is extremely important but having to log into separate tools can slow this process down.

Instead, have this information come to you. Set up a custom trigger in Looker to send a report directly to Workplace.


By setting up an alert, you can be sure the right people will see the right information at the right time.

We’re excited to usher in this next wave of organizational communication. Learn more about Looker’s integration with Workplace here.

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