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Meet Looker Data Apps: One Giant Step Towards Being Data-Driven

Jen Grant, Chief Marketing Officer

May 5, 2016

Today, we announced Looker Data Apps. Applications that sit on top of the Looker Data Platform and make Looker the central place where everyone in your company can access, explore and understand the data that drives your business. While there is tons of exciting innovation going on at Looker every day, I have a little extra heart for this one. Here’s why.

In most companies nowadays, there is analytics software in every department. Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Support, Product... everyone has their own tool they can use to evaluate how their department is doing and how to improve. Awesome right? Sort of.

Because as these tools became commonplace in businesses, a real problem emerged. Sales showed up with a dashboard “proving” that they don’t have enough leads and Marketing showed up with a similar dashboard “proving” there are plenty of leads. Everyone has data - which is probably step 1 to a data-driven culture - but everyone has DIFFERENT data - which some might say is a step backwards. And it’s not just Sales and Marketing - it’s every department. I’ve heard stories of companies that have trouble reconciling revenue at the end of month because different systems are giving different answers. Kind of a big deal.

Looker Data Apps are a way to more quickly move everyone in the right direction - towards building a culture where everyone is making decisions using data. Looker has always had a great data discovery and business intelligence tool sitting on top of the Looker Data Platform, but now we have built Data Apps to address all the data needs of every department in a business (well, almost every department, we’re still working on a few and will be releasing more and more over time).

That means that your marketing analytics tools is analyzing the same data as your sales analytics tool - and they’re defining a lead and attributing campaigns the same way. And support and product can review the same data about tickets and feature usage to better understand what’s working and what to build next. Can it get much more data-driven than that?

Lastly - I can’t talk about Looker Data Apps without talking about the Looker customers who have showed us the way. Up until today, every Looker customer built their own Data App completely customized to the needs of their company. And overtime we saw that there were similarities in what was being built. Marketing typically needed certain things, Sales needed other things, etc…. Data Apps are the culmination of all these best practices from the years of working with customers to build analytics on Looker. The best part? As always Looker is exceptionally flexible. So, start with a Looker Data App then add to it and customize it to meet the unique needs of your business. All the while knowing that you’re standing on the shoulders of giants -- the 500+ Looker customers that are running their business on data everyday.

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