My 3 favorite new features in Looker

Anika Kuesters Smith, Analyst

Nov 20, 2015

As an Analyst at Looker, a large portion of my role is to help our clients model their data. This means I spend most of my time working on LookML, or testing what I’ve created in the Explore section. One of the most exciting parts of what I do is taking what I’ve built, and presenting it in an engaging, information-rich way. Over the past couple of months, Looker has released features that have taken visualization and presentation of findings within Looker even easier and more flexible. Here are three of my favorites from our latest releases:

1 - All new mapping

The new maps allow users to very quickly zoom and pan maps to gather insights from global, regional, and local data points. The interface allows for a lot of cosmetic customization (see examples below), as well as new functionality including a number of map skins, filter-to-zoom, dynamic heat maps, and journey tracking.

Geo Maps

Satellite skin with airplane icons - tracking flights within California.

Southwest Flight Tracking

Light Skin tracking flights to California by Southwest Airlines.

Strava trail viz for Santa Cruz

Strava data on bike trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains (California)

2 - Built-in color palettes / color picker

I have spent more time than I care to admit searching for new color palettes to use on visualizations and dashboards. While it will be a hard habit for me to let go of, this will make it easy to create a unified, attractive color scheme across a Looker instance.

Color groups

Color Picker

3 - Newspaper layout

This new layout allows "Looks" to be viewed almost any size. Any previous Looker dashboard will convert to Newspaper Layout in Looker 3.32. Visualizations are no longer confined to rows, allowing users to take advantage of every bit of screen real-estate.

Visit Discourse to keep up to date with the latest Looker news. And as always, if you have any questions about how to use a new Looker feature, contact or use the in app chat.

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