Culture Comes from the Inside Out, not the Outside In

Heidi Schriefer
VP of People & Places

Looker was recently announced as the #3 mid-sized company and #1 mid-sized tech company on the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2017 Best Places to Work list. When people ask me about what makes Looker so special, they often want to know about our perks.

Elastic Analytic Databases

Lloyd Tabb
Looker Founder and CTO

Increasing data volumes, the need to support huge numbers of users, and the advent of the cloud has paved the way for a new class of database. These “Elastic Databases” open up entirely new frontiers in what is possible with analytics.

Invest in your Most Valuable Asset with HR analytics

Vikas Agrawal
Founding Partner - Datastician

Modern marketing organizations utilize multiple tools to execute and track campaigns. However with so many different data sources, it can be difficult to get a holistic view of marketing’s influence on opportunity conversion and revenue generation. The Looker Block for Campaign to Cash Analytics brings in data from Marketing systems and Website/Social Marketing systems, and ties them together into a single central warehouse to allow users to gain insight from a blended data spectrum.

Data Science with Looker: Part II

Haarthi Sadasivam
Data Evangelist

To show how seamlessly Looker can integrate into a data science workflow, we took a public dataset (Seattle bikeshare data) and applied a predictive model using Looker, Python, and Jupyter Notebooks. Follow along as I walk through the setup.

Data Science with Looker: Part I

Haarthi Sadasivam
Data Evangelist

Data scientists spend most of their time in a dedicated Data Science Environment (DSE) but only a small portion of their time is actually spent on advanced analytics. Read more to learn how Looker can make the Data Science workflow more efficient.

Yes! We Have No Connectors

Daniel Mintz
Chief Data Evangelist

Over the last decade, we’ve seen an explosion of SaaS applications, all of which produce business-critical data. There are a couple common strategies for understanding that data, but neither works very well. That’s why Looker took a new route.

Announcing the Looker Block for Audience Analytics by Permutive

India Ferard
Data Analyst, Permutive

We are excited to announce our new Audience Analytics Looker Block, which lets publishers instantly compare, see the overlap and total size of their audiences.

It’s the End of BI as We Know It

Frank Bien

I’ve often referred to the Looker Platform as the ‘3rd Wave’ of Business Intelligence. But as I talk to more and more companies that are winning with data, I realize that Looker is more than just another wave of BI. It actually represents the end of what we’ve come to know as BI altogether.

How Looker Makes Growing a Data Platform an Organic Experience

Alan Randolph
Sr. Program Manager

At Looker, our emphasis on co-development ensures the customer truly understands the design decisions and has the skills needed to build out-out the platform. Our goal is to make Looker experts of all of our users. The guidance we provide leads to accelerated confidence, self-sufficiency, and long-term value.

Improvado + Looker: Aggregate 40+ Cross-Channel Ad Platforms in One Block

Daniel Kravtsov
Founder/CEO, Improvado

Like Looker, Improvado believes in simplifying the data aggregation process so our customers can focus on quickly drawing insights from their advertising data. This week, Looker will roll out the Improvado Block for data aggregation over 40 cross-channel advertising platforms.