Bringing the Kitchen Table to Dublin

John O'Keeffe

At Looker, The Kitchen Table is literally a large wooden table in the middle of the office, where anyone on the Looker team can sit to ask and answer questions whatever it may be.

We Architected Looker to be Flexible, Scalable and Embeddable

Colin Zima
VP of Product

Most companies use tens or even hundreds of business tools - marketing automation, financial planning, business analytics, talent management... the list goes on and on. The explosion of tools has created a huge amount of competition (for attention and dollars) among the vendors of those tools.

At Looker, the Love is Baked In

Margaret Rosas
Department of Customer Love

When we announced that we were changing the name of the Looker support team to The Department of Customer Love, a few people thought we were pulling their legs. But the truth is, putting customer feedback and relationships first has been key to Looker since day one.

Marketing, Data, and a Shameless Plug for an eBook by HubSpot & Looker

Elena Rowell

Everything we do at Looker starts with data. We track campaigns, conversions, referrals, meetings, and really everything else. We’ve done this since day three (on day one we were still sorting out what it was we were selling and on day two we were putting our desks together), so we have a good amount of data to work with.

Looker + DataVirtuality Pipes: Access, integrate and explore all of your data

Nouras Haddad

Looker is excited to be the exclusive launch partner for DataVirtuality’s new data integration solution - Pipes.

The Creation of LookVR

Wil Gieseler

On the engineering team at Looker we regularly do hack days where we can put aside our normal project and try to come up with out-of-the-box or weird ideas that we’d never normally get to do as part of our real jobs. At the last hack day, I thought it might be fun to use Looker’s API to experiment with data visualization in virtual reality.

Catching the Third Wave of Business Intelligence

Frank Bien

People, especially in tech and data, love buzzwords. “Data democracy”, “data-driven”, “Big Data.” There's been a lot of hype, for sure, but I think we in the analytics industry have yet to deliver on the promise.

Announcing the Lookerbot for Slack Enterprise Grid

Erin Franz

The Lookerbot allows members of your organization to easily pull results from Looker directly into Slack to answer questions with data, without disrupting an active conversation.

Happy Birthday Looker, and Thank you

Lloyd Tabb
Founder & CTO

Looker is five. It is kind of hard to believe. Thinking back, it seems like we were getting started just yesterday. We’ve grown from two people to 300, from one customer to over 800. Many of the very best companies in the world use Looker and the thanks all goes to our customers.

Exploring your Data Lake with Amazon Athena and Looker

Erin Franz

Today we are proud to announce that with our newest release, we now support Amazon Athena. Looker on Amazon Athena allows users across an organization to derive insights and easily make data-driven decisions directly from their AWS data lake.