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How to Build a Customer Lifetime Value Model

We love our customers at Looker. They’ve been essential to helping us improve our product and services, from fixing...

Tech Talk

Mar 27, 2020

Generating ROI with Embedded Analytics: 5 Key Takeaways...

At Looker, we are fortunate to work with some of the most innovative and industry-leading companies. Our customers...

Data Stories

Mar 17, 2020

Improving Athena + Looker Performance by 380% with Upsolver

Amazon Athena is one of the most widely growing services in the Amazon Cloud, often used as part of a cloud data lake...

Data Stories

Mar 10, 2020

Driving Analytics Adoption at ZoomInfo's First Datafest

Not long ago ZoomInfo hosted their first-ever Datafest - a 2.5-day event dedicated to the planning, development,...

Data Stories

Mar 5, 2020

Building a Marketing Attribution Model with Segment & Looker

It’s been almost five years since the original launch of the Looker Block for Segment Event Analytics. At that time,...

Tech Talk

Mar 4, 2020

Security and Privacy Conscious Analytics with Looker +...

One of the things that customers love about Looker is our security model. Looker provides your data analysts and...

Tech Talk

Feb 28, 2020

A Blueprint of Our Own: Finding Balance and Mental Health...

Most Black people are familiar with the idea that in order to succeed they have to be “twice as good” as White people...


Feb 28, 2020

Unleashing Data Insights to your Entire Organisation: Q&A...

In this blog, we talk with Alexandra Sudilovski, Head of BI at Appsflyer. Appsflyer is a rapidly growing SaaS...

Data Stories

Feb 24, 2020

How a Looker Certification Will Level Up Your Career

As someone who recently switched job sectors, I had concerns and preconceptions about how I could flourish in a field...

Tech Talk

Feb 20, 2020

Looker and the Magic Quadrant: A Shift in the Market

The 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms latest edition published this...


Feb 13, 2020

Looker Joins Google Cloud

Today, Google Cloud announced the completion of its acquisition of Looker -- a historic day that begins an exciting...


Feb 12, 2020

Women of Data: Áine Dundas, International Marketing Director

For this edition of our Women of Data series, we’re excited to introduce and chat with our very own Áine Dundas!

Data Stories

Jan 31, 2020

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