Kustomer + Looker Put Support Data Through a New Lens

Rob Bailey
COO Kustomer

The Customer Support function is playing an increasingly strategic and valuable role in companies. Today, we are excited to unveil a new powerful solution that uncovers valuable insights and trends about your customers. We have partnered with Looker to create a solution that enables companies to integrate their support team’s data into broader, company-wide insights and analysis.

Data of Thrones Part I: Screen Time, Episodes, and Death in Game of Thrones

Kelly Payne

Looker is home to many Game of Thrones nerds, and recently we got our hands on some datasets describing the TV show and books. This is Part I of IV posts where we will dive into these datasets and share what we learned from the numbers on our favorite show - Game of Thrones.

Moving Zendesk Data into BigQuery with help from Apache NiFi's Wait/Notify Processors

Dan Young

With the release of NiFi 1.2/1.3 a number of new processors were introduced, included in these are the Wait/Notify, and GCSObject processors. Using the Wait along with the Notify processor, you can hold up the processing of a particular flow until a "release signal" is stored in the Map Cache Server.

Marketing Conversion Rates: Clarity, Trust, and the Feedback Loop

Jonathon Knapp
Manager, Enterprise Business Development

Test, measure, iterate. The dialogue is similar with most SDR departments across tech: book more meetings, make more calls, adopt new approaches. There are so many different types of strategies, and while each approach has its value, I think we can all agree that these approaches are meaningless if you can’t track the effectiveness of the approach.

Introducing MemSQL Cloud: The Real-Time Data Warehouse for Any Cloud

Erin Franz

Looker is excited to be a launch partner for MemSQL Cloud. We’ve worked closely with MemSQL to support their real-time data warehouse as a data source as part of our strategic technology partnership, and that support can now be extended to their new cloud offering..

CSV to Oprah in 5 (codeless) clicks

Daniel Mintz
Chief Data Evangelist

Flat-file formats like CSVs are a simple, universal way to store data. But as data gets bigger and bigger, getting a handle on what’s in them can get tricky. In fact, even loading them may be too much for your computer to handle.

JOIN: Stay Curious, Keep Asking

Jen Grant

Looker’s annual user conference, JOIN, returns home to the San Francisco Bay Area this year as the place to Keep Asking questions. Attendees will be able to hear from leading industry experts, participate in workshops, and engage with people from all walks of data.

Tenjin Looker Block: Run Smarter App Marketing Campaigns

Sunny Cha
Head of Marketing at Tenjin

In today’s mobile ecosystem, app marketers have to be savvy about how they allocate their ad spend. The landscape is simply so competitive that in order to run profitable install campaigns, developers have to use a data-driven approach that lets them target the right users, partner with the right ad sources, and track their data all the way through the customer lifecycle.

Driving Growth with Data: Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends Report

Jen Grant

If there’s one place to get a better understanding of the latest in tech, it’s Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins’ Annual Internet Trends Report. As I read through it this year, there was a crystal clear theme that has driven all of these innovative businesses forward: data. No matter what industry, the ability to harness the power of data is the critical component that sets apart the disruptors and innovators from the followers.

Is our story of the 2016 election wrong? Let’s Ask the Data.

Daniel Mintz
Chief Data Evangelist

There were a lot of stories told about the 2016 Election. Working Class Whites? Hispanic voters? Unlikable candidates? But now the data’s in. Which holds up?