What is BARC’s The BI Survey?

BARC’s The BI Survey 19 is the world's largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence (BI) software users, providing feedback from over 3,000 respondents across 95 countries using 36 BI solutions.

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Scoring 13 top-ranks and 39 leading positions

Looker is consistently ranked number one across all of its peer groups for Self-Service, Cloud BI, and Innovation in BARC’s The BI Survey 19.

Self-service BI

Looker achieved top-rankings in the Self-Service category for the second year in a row. With the ability for users to create and share easy-to-read reports and beautiful dashboards, Looker allows everyone to ask questions and uncover new insights.

Cloud BI

Looker is committed to a multi-cloud strategy and supports multiple data sources and deployment methods to provide customers choice without compromising on transparency, security, and privacy.


Looker was voted #1 in ‘Innovation’ in all of its peer groups, due to strong ratings for Location intelligence, Visual analysis, Operational BI, and Embedded BI.

Reviews from BARC’s The BI Survey 2019

See why customers recommend Looker in BARC’s The BI Survey 19.

Looker is an excellent product that acts as a force-multiplier for data teams by enabling self-service for business users and increasing their data literacy and dependency.

Head of BI & Analytics Competence Center

Easy to use, powerful to scale. A huge time saver with some really nice automation features.

Project manager for BI from IT department

It is a great tool which is easy to create reports and visualizations. The UI is great, as people can easily drag and drop fields. Also, customer service is really great! They are always available when you have a question.

Head of BI & Analytics Competence Center, education

BARC’s The BI Survey 19

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