business analytics

Looker re-invents BI. Our modern platform bridges the chasm between complex data environments and information-hungry business users.


smart customers

The most complex, data-driven companies rely on Looker to succeed.


built for big data

IDG Connect names Looker among 20 red-hot, pre-IPO companies in 2013 B2B tech. What makes us so hot?


front-line analytics

Looker redefines self-service BI, equipping decision-makers with sophisticated analytics that drive smart decisions.


agile modeling

Your data is as dynamic as your business. Looker’s web-based BI platform gives your data team infinite ways to serve it up.


high-resolution data

Make sense of a sea of data. Because Looker operates in-database, all your data is inherently drillable and explorable.


free trial

Tell us how to connect to your database and our analysts will build out your own Looker platform free of charge.


Looker Inside

We deliver the last mile of value from your data spend, exploiting today’s fast new analytic databases.

Looker Intelligence

We empower your smartest data people, giving them multiple ways to multiply their genius.

Looker Everywhere

Anyone in your organization can engage in curiosity-driven analytics and collaborative data discovery.

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