Looker is the data exploration environment for the modern business.

The best part about Looker for us is it's incredibly simple from a developer standpoint. Someone will have a random idea that maybe conversion rates are higher in the morning than at night. And that's really easy to test. The platform itself is just fantastic.

Jamie Davidson
VP Product

The power of Looker is you don’t just get a standardized report. It gives you a starting point so you can drill in and ask questions about what you’re seeing. The purpose of the tool is to allow you to keep analyzing, to keep digging, to keep investigating.

Chris Homer
Co-Founder & CTO

Looker is easy and powerful enough that non-engineers have the ability to analyze data more efficiently. This allows us to answer questions and be alerted to changes more quickly. It just works, and that’s incredibly important to us.

Courtney Guertin
CTO & Co-Founder,
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